Featured Artist of the Month: Isacchili

The first time I found out about Isacchili, I had stumbled upon one of her Star Wars doodles on Facebook. A quick look at the rest of her page instantly brought a smile to my face. Her Western-inspired art style pops with character, and her original work and concept art are no less than fantastical.

After reaching out to her for a collaboration, I found out that she’s been part of the local ACG community since she was 13 years old. That’s where she developed an interest in concept art and visual development in entertainment, and now, she’s based in Kuala Lumpur working full-time as a concept artist! Most of her inspiration can be drawn from Western animation and comics, including artists like Karla Ortiz, Claire Hummel, Cory Loftis, and Glyn Dillon just to name a few.

When not drawing or painting, her main hobby is cosplay. In her words, “I’m currently invested in making every Rey costume ever and as accurate to the original as I possibly can, from the texture of the fabrics used to the details on her props.” We’re definitely looking forward to seeing that!

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Picture taken by Ezli Qamari

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