5 Digital Gifts That Make Great Last-Minute Christmas Presents

Need a last-minute Christmas gift that’ll delight your best friend or favourite family member, and is guaranteed to arrive in time for the big day? Consider getting a digital Christmas present! Digital goods make for great gifts, as they can be delivered to your recipient at the click of a button, no matter where they are.

Here’s a few digital Christmas gift ideas to get you started:

1. Netflix Gift Cards

Know someone who could use some extra Netflix and chill? Extend their subscription or get them started on the platform with a Netflix gift card, which can be purchased in-person at 7-Eleven, or through online retailers such as Shopee and Lazada. Once the card is purchased, all you have to do is send the attached PIN code to your recipient, who can then redeem it through Netflix’s website.

Currently, Netflix gift cards are available in both RM50 and RM100 denominations, which gets you anywhere between one to five months of free Netflix, depending on your recipient’s subscription plan of choice. Who could say no to that?

2. Game Store Gift Cards

If you’re looking for a game-related Christmas gift, then you’re pretty much spoiled for choice, as almost every major gaming storefront carries their own respective gift cards. Some options include PlayStation Gift Cards, which come in RM100 and RM250 denominations, and Steam Gift Cards (also known as Steam Wallet Codes), which are available in RM50, RM100, and RM200 denominations.

Of course, you could also simply surprise your recipient with their dream game on Christmas Day, but gift cards are a great option for those who’d like to play it safe and take all the guesswork out of the equation.

3. Game Credit Top-Ups

So, maybe you’re looking for a gaming-related gift that’s a little more specific than a storefront gift card, especially if you’re trying to shop for someone who isn’t interested in purchasing new games at the moment. In that case, consider buying a top-up for their favourite game. It’s quick, easy, and your friend or family member gets to show off the cosmetics they’ve always wanted during their holiday gaming sessions.

With services like Codashop, all you need to do is key in your intended recipient’s user ID and your amount of choice to instantly transfer game credits to their account. If you know a Genshin Impact player who would love some freebies, you can make a purchase for them using our Codashop affiliate link!

4. Discord Nitro

Over the last few years, Discord has become the go-to messaging app of choice for many people. Its premium option, Discord Nitro, comes with many benefits, including high-res video calls, bigger file upload sizes, animated avatars, and – best of all – the ability to create and use custom emojis across all of your servers.

Discord Nitro is available in both monthly $9.99 (approximately RM40) and yearly $99.99 (RM400) subscriptions, so it’s up to you to decide which suits your recipient’s needs best.

5. Twitch Gift Cards

Shopping for someone who’s active on Twitch? A Twitch gift card might be what you’re looking for! These digital cards are also recommended as ideal presents for chat moderators, emote artists, regular viewers, and anyone else who helps make a Twitch stream possible.

The cards, which range from $25 (RM100) to $200 (RM800) denominations, can be used to redeem Bits, subs, and gift subs on the platform, which any avid Twitch user is sure to appreciate.

We hope this list gave you some ideas for last-minute Christmas gifts, and happy shopping!

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