Featured Artist of the Month: DoritoMeatbag

There are fans of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and then there are fans of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, if you catch my drift. Our featured artist of the month is about as big of a fan as they come. From her stunning semi-realistic pieces, to the punchlines of her hilarious short comics; you can see the influence the series’ art style and comedy has had on her work, and guess what? It’s all good.

But whether you’re a fan of JoJo or not, her art remains endearingly amusing and a treat for sore eyes (especially if you enjoy looking at handsome muscled men… cough.) Check it out below!

She goes by two aliases online, DoritoMeatbag and/or Life of Mirai. But in reality, she’s a 17 year old Malaysian girl who has some big dreams she wants to make come true. If you’d like to follow and support her, view her links below!

Facebook //  Twitter // Instagram // DeviantART // Paigeeworld

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