Pokémon Ultra Prism Pre-Release At Cards & Hobbies!

Finally, the long awaited Pokémon Ultra Prism expansion is out! At least, the pre-release is out, not the actual expansion. There’s so many awesome cards that can shift the meta and change the way we play Pokémon cards this season just from this single expansion alone. 

One of the more interesting cards in this expansion are the prism star cards. These cards are usually really good but each deck can only have a single copy instead of the usual 4 copies allowed per deck, and the card cannot be brought back from the discard pile, instead, it’s placed in the “lost zone” when it would otherwise be discarded into the discard pile. 

Cyrus, one of the star prism cards

Pokémon Ultra Prism pre-release will be held in many places in the coming weeks closing in to the launch of the expansion, but Cards & Hobbies (C&H) is the first card shop to have this pre-release and it’s also the only card shop that does midnight pre-release.

For those uninformed on how a Pokémon card pre-release works, it functions like any regular tournament with a few special twists. Firstly, everyone plays with a 40 card deck built from the given pre-release box which consists of 4 booster pack of the upcoming expansion alongside an evolution pack.

Inside the evolution pack, it’ll consist of crucial cards for a functioning deck like Pokémon from a specific evolutionary line and some trainer cards. There will also be a stack of energy cards for everyone to take from, so energy cards aren’t an issue while building your deck. Following that, everyone plays 4 or 5 Swiss format rounds with only 4 prize cards as opposed to the normal 6 prize rule using the 40 card deck constructed.

Based on your ranking during the pre-release tournament, you will either get 3 or more booster packs of the pre-release expansion at the end of the tournament. So all attendants can expect to get a minimum of 7 booster packs when they join the pre-release event, however, this may differ between organiser to organiser, so it is best to contact the organiser to confirm some of these details. You can also check out this article written by Team Rainbow Wings for some basics of Pre-release.

The pre-release box, ready to be distributed to eager players.

The energy cards that will be used to help build your deck during the pre-release tournament.

A little guide for all those who plans to join the coming pre-release for Ultra Prism, if you get the Garchomp evolution line in your evolution pack, you should use it as it is, in my opinion, the best card to use during the pre-release. It has the consistency to evolve every turn with just a single fighting energy, and it even has the ability to hit for 200 damage if you used Cynthia, which is a guarantee one hit KO for any cards you can go against during the pre-release. 

The pre-release box that players will receive.

The prizes for the Ultra Prism pre-release.

If you wish to join the pre-release, you can do so in the following locations which will be having their pre-releases by this weekend.

If you want to be the first to get the newest Pokémon cards next time, please do follow Team Rainbow Wing’s and C&H Pokémon Club’s page on Facebook to receive the latest update for the next pre-release!

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