Main Game Season 2 Highlights Growing VTuber Industry In Malaysia

VTubers received the spotlight in the third episode of Main Game, the premiere video game show produced by RTM and Kakuchopurei. At the start of the 30-minute episode, Main Game dives into the entertainment phenomenon that is VTubers; from its roots in Japan to the growing industry in Malaysia.

The boom in Malaysian VTubers can largely be credited to the lockdown, which caused many people to turn to online entertainment as a form of social connection. However, the first instance of a “virtual idol” traces back to digital personalities like Hatsune Miku and Super Sonico as the natural evolution from Japan’s idol culture.

In 2016, Kizuna Ai debuted as the first proper VTuber on YouTube, and that changed the course of online entertainment forever. The episode highlights other popular VTubers that have emerged since the rise of the industry, including Gawr Gura, Houshou Marine, Ironmouse, and Usada Pekora.

The episode also features Makcik Simmer, an up-and-coming local VTuber who believes that “Malaysians are just getting started”. As a proud Malaysian, Makcik Simmer pays tribute to her heritage in her VTuber model and regularly infuses local culture into her livestreams. She is also a member of The Cham Drinkers, a team of content creators dedicated to spotlighting and supporting indie games made in Southeast Asia.

“I think this industry can grow further if we put in a little bit more effort in coordinating and making sure we do it properly. I can see more and more Malaysian streamers are really making a name in the streaming industry. They are getting partnered on Twitch, and not only that, they are getting signed up by VTubing companies around the world,” she shares.

“People are starting to love the fact that there are a lot of VTubers getting known in Malaysia, and people are happy whenever they get to meet the VTubers they are watching,” she adds, referring to her recent event feature at AniManGaki last year.

This only marks the beginning of support for Malaysian VTubers, with new initiatives like VGakuenLIVE and VTXPO actively working to support growth in the region.

Watch the full Main Game episode on RTMKlik, and follow Kakuchopurei on their official website and Twitter.

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