Kakitabletop Celebrates International Tabletop Day This June 1-2

KakiTabletop is organising an event for one of the year’s most anticipated events in a Malaysian gamer’s calendar: on the first weekend in June, gamers unite for International Tabletop Day. It’s a day to celebrate a pastime that has been played for centuries, touching the lives of millions around the world; a global celebration for all analog gamers, who will be hanging out, playing new games and making new friends. 

All four major tabletop gaming genres will be covered: Board Games, Miniature Games, RolePlaying Games, and Trading Card Games; each genre will have a dedicated quadrant. While the event is Free Entry (no tickets required,) some of the workshops and sessions will require pre-registration & a small fee to play.

These sections will be supported by a curation of vendors who specialise in their genre of tabletop games: Vivae Games Ampang, Akida, Plastics & Tactics, Naga Minis, Hobby Heresy Games, Scrapscapes, Here Be Dragons, Nightshade Tavern, Wither & Bloom, Collektr, The Collective, Boards & Brews, Myu Collectibles, Stormgate Games. 

Sponsored by Great Eastern Mall, curated by KakiTabletop and friends, this year’s event will be held in the former’s ground floor concourse on the first weekend of June, from June 1 till 2. The breadth of games available will include local and international games, and all tabletop gaming genres! 

Board Game Sessions 

There will be board games to play, with guidance from Game Masters; Vivae Games Ampang will be bringing a host of modern board games for the public to play, experience, and buy to bring home: Dungeon Madness & Mayhem, That Sound Game, Mooncake Master, Wok & Roll, Durian Dash, and more! Akida will also be present, showcasing their locally designed & manufactured, bespoke board gaming tables! 

Miniature Game Tables 

Locally designed & made tabletop gaming miniatures, alongside one of the world’s most renowned miniature wargames! Plastics & Tactics, will be featuring various aspects of the hobby: from painting, the lore, and wargaming; while Naga Minis will showcase their latest catalogue of Malaysian-designed miniatures!

There will be painting workshops, with assistance from Paint Masters. Hobby Heresy Games will be featuring their awesome Malaysian made & designed playmats, and Scrapscapes’ handmade dioramas will also be on display. 

Role Playing Game Sessions 

Our popular tabletop roleplaying game sessions are back! Embark on an adventure of a lifetime, save cats, the world, survive and vanquish your foes. We’ll be featuring a spread of different RPGs, hosted by Game Masters from Here Be Dragons & Nightshade Tavern. Pre-booked and walk-in sessions available, and are beginner-friendly. Wither & Bloom, featuring Malaysian designed & made D&D inspired Stickers, Art Prints, and more! 

Trading Card Game Tables 

Our friends from Collektr, Asia’s premier livestream bidding platform for collectibles, whose main category is now “Collectible Card Games,” with the help of their partner stores, will be featuring the latest and greatest TCGs such as Magic: the Gathering, Pokémon TCG, Lorcana TCG, Star Wars: Unlimited, Flesh & Blood TCG, One Piece TCG, etc.

They’ll also be showcasing their livestreaming portal, alongside game demonstrations and learn-to-play sessions from Game Masters from FLGS such as The Collective, Boards & Brews, Myu Collectibles, and Stormgate Games


Started as a community-building effort that started 10* years ago, it has evolved from merely bringing together Dungeons & Dragons players from all over Malaysia, to include Magic: the Gathering, designer board games, miniature wargamers, and more… Today, the network of communities encompasses practically every major game and genre of tabletop gaming in Malaysia! 

After focusing on hosting monthly meetups for the last 2 years, we’re proud to bring everyone together for this one-of-a-kind annual event in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. 💎 We started small, got interupted by a pandemic, virtually celebrated gaming, kicked-off a regular series of meetups for the last two years… culminating in our biggest event yet: ITTDMY International TableTop Day Malaysia 2024

For more information, follow KakiTabletop on Facebook and Instagram, or visit their website.

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