Here’s 9 Malaysian VTubers You Need To Check Out Today

The Malaysian VTuber scene has come a long way since 2021 when we organised Virtual Idol Party. Now a thriving scene brimming with bright talents, backed by a passionate community of supporters, we’re excited to continue shining the spotlight on our homegrown VTuber talents this year.

If you’re new to the Malaysian VTuber scene, we compiled a list of Malaysian VTubers to kickstart your journey! This article was a collaboration with Apex Daemon, fellow Malaysian VTuber and founder of VGakuenLIVE and VGakuenMC.

Elthea Notes [EN/MY/CN]

The manager of VGakuenLIVE streams all sorts of variety games. Her love for pink, purple, and really cute things are no secret. From comfy story playthroughs to horror games full of screams, from working chat streams to dedicated role-play streams, Elthea seems to do it all. She also does some special membership streams too!

Follow her on Twitter and Youtube.

Jenn Velorina [EN/MY]

A vampire princess that plays a lot of story-based games! Jenn enjoys streaming her playthrough of games from the likes of Cyberpunk 2077 to Bioshock. Her stream can go from a comfy and relaxing time, to raging to beat the boss, but she never gives up! Jenn loves to collaborate and meet new friends too, so sometimes she will play games with others. In her free time, she enjoys MLBB and cosplaying.

Follow her on Twitter and Youtube.

Wyoca [EN/CN/MY/JP]

Meet Wyoca, a cute red oni from the underworld! From chatting, gaming, to karaoke, she loves keeping things fresh with innovative stream ideas. Her silly shenanigans are sure to bring a smile to your face. She has a love for roguelike turn-based strategy games. Join her for a fun and friendly vibes!

Follow her on Twitter and Twitch.

Mihiroe [EN/CN/MY]

Mihiroe is an adventurer and healer whale VTuber who talks about healthcare. A pixel-loving RPG streamer, she streams with comfy and therapeutic vibes; the perfect place to unwind after a long day… until she struggles while streaming Tekken and horror. Tune in for a unique blend of relaxation and excitement!

Follow her on Twitter and Twitch.

Zephyrianna [EN/CN]

If you’re looking for a VSinger, I recommend Zephyrianna! This space pigeon metal VSinger has released many covers already and some of them are even metal covers. Her song covers sometimes feature other VTubers too, and it’s a great way to discover other VSingers. She also streams from time to time playing various games or chatting.

Follow her on Twitter and Youtube.

Ichiroku [CN/EN/MY]

Ichiroku streams on both Twitch and Youtube. There are many different types of streams that she does, from music mixing working streams to TTRPGs like Call of Cthulhu. She is also a big fan of Digimon and you can find her Butterfly cover and Digimon tier list all over her channel.

Follow her on Twitter, Youtube, and Twitch.

Auregalia Aruri [EN/CN/MY]

A very active VTuber with a wind-up doll concept, she streams sometimes twice a day and a lot of different games, from triple-A games like Cyberpunk 2077 to a lot of different local and international indie games. She also has one of the strongest communities and she hosts regular community games streams, so if you’re looking for VTubers to game with, you should check her out! She is also a strong advocate for VTuber uprisings and she does not shy away from showing it.

Follow her on Twitter and Twitch.

Yui32Satomi [EN/CN/MY]

Yui is a maker-type sunflower Vtuber who covers an especially niche stream genre. Yui streams a lot of gunpla building where she does “handcam” streams, so you get to see the gunpla being built; combining both virtual avatars and physical activity. Her good vibes are contagious and you’ll find yourself smiling as you see her enjoy assembling gunplas. Other than that, she also does Blender and 3D modelling streams, usually leaving useful tips.

Follow her on Twitter and Youtube.

Elfie Vers Amastacia [EN/MY]

Elfie is a member of Project Orbit, and she usually does art streams. She’s cute and bubbly, and you can chat with her as she draws. Sometimes, she also does really adorable role-play streams and invites friends to role-play together with her. Recently she’s been doing a lot of funny meme shorts, you might’ve seen her on Instagram!

Follow her on Twitter and Youtube.

Thank you to Apex Daemon for collaborating with us on this article! Follow VGakuenLIVE, a VTuber Management Initiative founded by Apex Daemon and Elthea Notes to support rising VTuber talents.

For more articles about Malaysian VTubers, check out our exclusive interview with VTuber supporter Alia Nabalu.

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