How to Find Interesting New Movies to Watch

Even those of us who truly love movies can find ourselves stuck in a rut where nothing appeals and we can’t find a movie to sit down and watch when we want to relax. I know you feel me, right? Well if you find yourself endlessly scrolling through the same old genres and feeling like you’ve watched everything twice, here’s what to do to find great new movies you’ll love, or at least, find interesting!

1. Genre Roulette: Spin the Wheel

Let’s play a game of genre roulette. If you’re a die-hard rom-com fan, why not take a walk on the wild side with a sci-fi thriller? Or swap out those action-packed blockbusters for a heartwarming indie film, or go completely off-piste and watch the God is Not Dead series even if you aren’t exactly the religious type. You just never know what genres you might love, and there is only one way to find out!

2. Film Festivals: More Than Just Artsy Folk

Film festivals are like treasure troves of unique movies. And no, you don’t need to be a beret-wearing film critic to enjoy them. Many festivals offer virtual screenings now, so you can explore international cinema right from your couch. It’s kinda like taking an exciting a round-the-world trip without the jet lag.

3. Movie Night Swaps: Trust Your Friends

Organize a movie night swap with friends. Everyone picks a movie that they love but others haven’t seen. It’s a great way to broaden your horizons and see what weird and wonderful films your friends are into. Just be prepared for the occasional dud – remember, friendship is about forgiveness.

4. Critics’ Lists: Not Just for Snobs

Check out critics’ top movie lists – they often have some hidden gems. Sure, critics can be a bit snooty, but they know their stuff. You might discover a classic you’ve never heard of or a new release that’s flying under the radar.

5. Streaming Roulette: Click and Hope

If you’re feeling adventurous, try the ‘streaming roulette’ method. Randomly pick a movie on your streaming service without looking at the description. It’s like a blind date with a movie – exciting, unpredictable, and occasionally disappointing.

6. Social Media Groups: Your Online Movie Club

Join movie discussion groups on social media. These online communities are full of passionate movie buffs who love to share recommendations, and you know they will throw up tons of reccs that you’ve never even heard of, but that you really should have!

7. Go Retro: Classics Never Die

Sometimes, the best new movie to watch is an old one. From the golden age of Hollywood to the funky ’80s, each decade offers something special, and it kind of allows you to time travel, but without ever having to leave the room or even change out of your pajamas. Neat, right?

8. Documentaries: Reality More Fascinating Than Fiction

Give documentaries a chance if they have never been your thing before. They can be as thrilling, emotional, and entertaining as any fictional movie. Plus, you might just learn something new. 

9. Follow Actors or Directors

If you have a favorite actor or director, explore their other works. It can lead you to movies you might not have considered before. Let them be your trusted guide on your cinematic journey!

Step out of your comfort zone because you know there’s a whole world of movies out there waiting to enthrall you!

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