Interview with Apex Daemon: Growing VTuber Careers Through VGakuenLIVE

VTubers or Virtual Youtubers are one of the fastest growing categories of online-based entertainment in the past decade. Originating in Japan, VTubers have quickly found their way to the rest of the world with regional VTuber agencies and groups popping up to support growth at a local level.

This month, we spoke to Apex Daemon who founded VGakuenLIVE, a VTuber Management Initiative dedicated to kickstarting VTuber careers for prospective talents. He shares the their journey so far, and some insights on transforming VTubing from a hobby into a career.

Let’s begin with a short introduction of yourself.

My name is APXDMN but humans call me Apex Daemon. I’m an interdimensional program that happens to be streaming in Malaysia. I started streaming 6th September 2020, so it’s been 3 years now! I take pride in hosting many VTuber Tournaments, many of them for the game Apex Legends. I also host #VGakuenMC, a VTuber Minecraft server with as many as 250+ registered VTubers. Recently, I’ve been focusing on my VTuber Management Initiative, VGakuenLIVE.

What made you want to become a VTuber, and how has your journey been so far?

Being a big fan of Tokoyami Towa, I was curious about the process of making a Live2D character and found out that I have the necessary skills to rig my own character. I reached out to Licht Lixe, my character’s artist and worked together with her to come up with the concept. I am fortunate to have the support of fellow VTubers like Momoiro Kohi who welcomed me to the community.

I started off with a cheap setup and slowly upgraded my rigs and overlays. It has been tough to juggle full-time work and streaming so strict scheduling is a must! Before I know it, I’ve been hosting tournaments and organizing physical fan meets such as #VGLmeet. I love pushing my limits to see what I can do more!

For those who aren’t familiar, what is VGakuenLIVE?

VGakuenLIVE (VGL) is a VTuber Management Initiative that I founded, as a group of Managers-Talents. We are not an agency and have no revenue stream, but I help to market the talents while Elthea helps to manage the talents. I strive to make VGakuenLIVE a trusted brand for quality up-and-coming VTubers!

Who is the current roster of VGakuenLIVE members, and any new members you can tease?

Current active members of VGakuenLIVE are Apex Daemon, Elthea Notes and Jenn Velorina. If you’re into FPS and big collaborations or tournaments, you can check out Apex. If you’re into cute games, free talk & role-play streams you can check out Elthea. If game playthroughs is what you’re into, you can check out Jenn Velorina!

VGakuenLIVE will expand with 2 new members, but I can’t disclose any details yet! Please follow our Twitter/X for the announcement and look forward to their VGL debut!

What are some of the biggest challenges a newbie VTuber faces?

I think upcoming VTubers will face different challenges compared to when I started. Since there are so many new VTubers now, it is important to set yourself apart from other streamers. I’ve been trying many different content and choosing the ones that I enjoy and work well, and focus on it. That’s how I started doing tournaments for local VTubers.

How does support from management initiatives like VGakuenLIVE help VTubers?

While our talents focus on creating content, VGL managers will help with scheduling, collaborations, sponsorship deals, and plans for physical appearances. Just last year, we hosted #VGLmeet where fans enjoyed a nice food and drinks while meeting with the talents and getting fan signs. Thanks to Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters for hosting us there!

What makes VGakuenLIVE different from other groups or agencies?

VGL is in the middle spot between a friendly group and an agency! We still don’t have a revenue stream and we share costs here and there. Instead of an audition, the members are handpicked based on their quality and talent. We also have a short 3 month “term” that is more of a trial-run, and then the talent decides how long they plan to stay if they like being in the group. At the end of the 3 month term, we host a “Convocation Ceremony” to celebrate!

When do you think is the right time for VTubers to consider joining a group or agency?

This is more of a case-by-case basis but my advice is to treat joining an agency/group like getting a full-time job. Check their contract, their expectations, and what you get out of it. Please make sure that the group/agency has a good track record and you have a written agreement. I also usually ask for their revenue stream and their long term plans.

How do you feel about VTubing as a potential full-time career path?

VTubing in Malaysia is still a small industry compared to our neighbors in Indonesia, but I can see it starting to be featured in anime conventions and more mainstream media. As a full-time career path, a VTuber must have a realistic plan that can help them reach financial stability. Most importantly, a VTuber needs to invest in some sort of marketing plan, such as TikTok or Instagram Shorts and other advertising. It is also a strategy to appeal to international viewers as other countries may have a more generous donation culture.

I’m working to release a VTuber Deckbuilding Game called Virtual Stars Agency this year! With the help of my friends, we hope to release this game in Tabletop Simulator by the end of this year. Please look forward to it, as I will feature Malaysian VTubers in the release! I will continue to add in rosters from other countries in the future.

How can our readers get in touch if they want to collaborate on VGakuenLIVE or your other projects?

Anyone can contact me @ApexDaemon on Twitter or at! I’m more than happy to schedule collaboration streams or sponsorship deals. If you would like to get updated on VGL related projects, please follow VGL on its official Twitter/X account, @VGakuenLIVE.

Thank you to Apex Daemon for joining us for this interview! We also recently collaborated with him on a list of Malaysian VTubers you need to check out today — read it here.

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