Fun Activities Await At Cosplay Computer 2021!

With just a month to go before the start of Cosplay Computer 2021, our team at THE MAGIC RAIN has been hard at work to make this event an unforgettable experience for all of you!

Taking inspiration from our main event Cosplay Commuter, Cosplay Computer will feature nine activity stops with a variety of games for you and your friends to compete in. Keep reading to learn all about them!


Just Dance Now

Who says you can’t have a dance party at home? Show off your best moves against an opposing team, while partying to all of your favourite songs from Just Dance.


Are trivia questions no treble for you? Then we’ll be putting your knowledge to the test in our uniquely musical take on the classic game show Jeopardy!

Is drawing your strong suit, or will your skills fall flat in this artistic challenge? Either way, find out who’s the best artist in your team in a fun game of


You’ll need to be in tune with your teammates for this activity, ’cause you’ll only have three minutes to guess the prompt given to your team leader!

Guess the Song/Dance

How well do you know your ACG songs and dances? Only the best of the bass-t will be able to pass this challenge!

Dubbing Competition

Warm up your vocal cords and flex your acting skills in the Dubbing Competition, where teams will compete to dub over iconic anime scenes.

Rap Battle

If you think you’ve got bars, then we want to hear from you. Show us your stuff in Cosplay Computer’s very first rap battle!

Wiki Race

How many clicks does it take to connect two seemingly random Wikipedia pages? Be the fastest to find out in order to win this challenge.


We’re bringing this popular board game to the virtual world for an exciting game of espionage. Can you figure out all the agents’ codenames in time?

Learn more about Cosplay Computer

For more information about Cosplay Computer, be sure to visit the links below:

Event Overview: (Link)
Event Registration Form: (Link)
Event Volunteer Form: (Link)

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