Iron Punch – The Family-Friendly Action Comedy Series

From old series like Kampung Boy, Upin & Ipin to BoBoiBoy and Ejen Ali. There’s no doubt that Malaysia is advancing in terms of its local animation.

We would like to proudly announce that SpaceSheep Studio has taken another big step into the animation world by introducing their newest production — Iron Punch!

What Is SpaceSheep?

SpaceSheep Studio is a local animation studio founded in 2018 that specialises in IP development, 2D and 3D production. Their goal is to expand the world’s perspective through art creation and culture. Their works were also featured at Kre8tif Conference in November 2020.

What’s Up With Iron Punch?

Iron Punch is a comedic, animated series that revolves around heroic rangers fighting their enemies. The story follows Red and Blue, two full-time Rangers under the Earth Defence Force (EDF). They protect Ultra-City One from the monster, Kaiju, with the help of the powerful Super Robot, Rock5.

It is a family-friendly animated series, targeting both parents and young children. Their very first episode was just released on the 12th of January 2021 on YouTube, while new episodes will be released every fortnight.

As Director and Founder of SpaceSheep Studio, Goh Chee Seng said: “We here at SpaceSheep Studio have been anxiously awaiting the release of Iron Punch. I am very proud of our team of storytellers and animators for the successful launch of this series, and I’m looking forward to our audience growing to love Iron Punch as we continue to release more episodes via YouTube.

Who Are The Characters?

The Fulltime Rangers Duo

The team consists of two main characters, Red and Blue. Red is your typical hard-headed character who aims to be a hero, while pudgy Blue on the other hand is doing it for the sake of free food. Though their personalities are polar opposites, they complement each other very well to create the humour that we seek for in a comedy series.


Rock5 is a Super Robot who is merely a year old and was initially a breakthrough creation of the EDF Science Department. It is equipped with special ‘Rocket Fists’ and Rocket Boosters to boost its speed. It also enjoys reading and sunbathing, as well as value the basics of cleanliness. Though it might seem to be stoic and serious, Rock5 loves to have fun too.


The main villain in the Iron Punch series, Kaiju is a 45-year-old monster from a distant planet who has come to invade Earth. Fun fact, it enjoys Durians but hates showers and coriander.  

The team at Spacesheep Studio definitely outdid themselves with this series and it is worth the praise that they’re getting. With that being said, show some love and support to our local production by visiting Iron Punch’s Official YouTube channel.  

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