League of Legends: Kayle & Morgana Champion Reworks Incoming!

Twin sisters but with opposing ideologies, Kayle and Morgana are one of the first of many rivalries that League of Legends have placed in their game and lore. Both are the very embodiment of their own brand of justice and believe in the path they have chosen.

Released exactly 10 years ago, their kits are now outdated and cannot compete in the rift with the standards of all the new champions. This makes them perfect candidates for a rework. However, like Ezreal, Riot isn’t going to fix what that isn’t broken. Morgana received very minor changes to her ultimate. Meanwhile, Kayle received more additions to her kit instead of a total change of skills.


Let’s start small. Morgana’s Ultimate now also grants movement speed toward enemies so that they can’t escape her chains. That’s it. I did say it was small.


Kayle’s changes were more significant but she is still unmistakably Kayle, a melee-turned-range champion that will take on anyone in a fight provided her ultimate is not on cool down.

Passive: Divine Ascent

Kayle ascends through four forms at level 1, 6, 11 and 16, each providing an evolution that makes her stronger.

Level 1: Zealous provides Kayle with stacking attack speed with each basic attack. At max stacks, Kayle becomes Exalted and gains movement speed toward enemies.

Level 6: Aflame provides Kayle’s attack with flaming waves which deals bonus magic damage when she is Exalted. This is when she turns into a range champion if she manages to reach Exalted during a fight.

Level 11: Arisen provides Kayle with permanent range basic attacks.

Level 16: Transcendent provides Kayle with permanent Exalted status effectively giving all her buffs from previous level without needing to stack.


Q: Radiant Blast
Kayle conjures a portal which shoots a flaming blade at the enemy, shredding armor, magic resist and slowing them down.

W: Celestial Blessing
Kayle heals herself and a target ally which also gives a burst of movement speed.

E: Starfire Spellblade
Passive: Kayle’s basic attack deals bonus damage that scales with both AP and AD.
Active: Kayle next basic attack is ranged and deals a portion of the target’s missing health as bonus magic damage. During Aflame, this attack deals damage to the enemies next to the target as well.

R: Divine Judgement
Kayle bestows invulnerability on a target for a few seconds. While invulnerable, purifying swords fall in a circle around her target, damaging enemies in the area.

Definitely a much needed update for Kayle while Morgana may not really need it. Despite being 10 years old, Morgana can still compete in the rift with the new champions.

However, with the addition to Kayle’s kit, a glaring weakness was removed. She no longer needs cool down items in order to keep her range basic attacks up. This means that she can carry out pure hybrid damage without compromising any of it for cool down.

With this next patch, we’re expecting a resurgence of Kayle top lane in the rift but how long will she stay? For this, we will have to wait and see. Leave us a comment below: Are you as excited for the release of this rework as I am?

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