From Sprout To the Biggest Tree: Introducing Belerick! – Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

To celebrate the release of their new hero, Claude, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang had an event where they gave out a free hero, Belerick. With him coming into the scene, there is now a larger variety of tanks that can be chosen in the game.

Apparently, Belerick’s passive skill is quite similar to Bristleback from Dota 2’s passive which makes it the most terrifying tank in the game, as they can return back the damage done to them. If you know how to utilise the Passive-Ultimate combo, Belerick can be a really powerful and deadly hero.

Flower Of Life (Passive Skill)

Source: Revival TV

Belerick receives 30% more HP from equipment items. The Flower of Life deals 50 + 1.5% of Belerick’s max HP in Magic Damage to the nearest target every time Belerick receives 200 damage. The Flower of Life prioritizes targets that have been implanted and marked by Nature’s Seed. 

Nature’s Seed

Source: G Cube

Cooldown: 7.0; Mana Cost: 60

Belerick releases an energy orb forward that disappears when hitting an enemy hero, dealing 250(+60% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage to all targets hit and slows them by 40%. Marks enemy targets with Nature’s Seed. 

Power Of Nɑture 

Source: Youtube 

Cooldown: 8.0; Mana Cost: 30

Belerick sacrifices his HP for a 50% increase in movement speed and strengthens his next basic attack. His next basic attack deals 250 + 6% if the targets loses HP. Belerick also immobilizes the target and then recovers HP (dependent upon his HP loss).

Nature’s Shield (Ultimate)

Source: G Cube

Cooldown: 40.0; Mana Cost: 150

Belerick recovers 10% of his HP and creates a Guardian Area. He takes 40% damage dealt to allied heroes that are within this area and also receives 30% less damage himself when he is in this area

As the hero was given out for free, only certain people who made it for the event have Belerick, and even then, most players won’t even bother buying him despite him being available for sale. He’s relatively hard to control and his damage-dealing skills are quite weak to be honest.

Would you spend your battle points to buy this hero? What do you think of Belerick? Do tell us in the comments below!

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