Cosers Confess: Unethical or not?

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Dear The Magic Rain,

So, I came across this Facebook rant about coser A selling their costume to another coser B for a really cheap price. Around RM 20? If I’m not mistaken this happened at Cosmart. Basically, the rant was about coser B reselling coser’s A costume for much more on a group… around RM80. People say it’s “unethical” to sell it for cheaper, but I think that it’s totally ethical because this is business. You don’t get your feelings involved when making a deal. It happens every day in our lives… The people who manufacture clothes make a deal with Partner A and sell it wholesale for a cheaper price. Then, Partner A sells it to us, the consumers, for MUCH MUCH more. IT’S BUSINESS. Once you sell someone your item, that item is no longer YOURS.

Am I the only one who feels this way? P.S. No offense to the cosers who are involved in this post. This is just my personal opinion. We’re all adults and everyone has different views. No need to get salty over it. Let’s keep it clean… shall we?



Dear Thinker,

When you mentioned Cosmart, I assume that this costume is a used costume… yes? I do agree with you in certain ways. A part of me agrees that it is business, so it shouldn’t involve your feelings. Also, yes it does happen all the time in business. It’s a deal so we have to deal with it (no pun intended).

But then there’s also the reason why Cosmart was made in the first place. It’s made so that cosplayers can “get rid” of costumes/props/ wigs that they no longer want or need anymore for a cheaper price. Pretty much like a market, stuff sold there should be sold at a cheaper price. However, if the main function of Cosmart is to cater to individuals who CAN’T afford cosplay but really wants to… maybe it is “unethical” for coser B to resell it for a cheaper price? Because if that’s the main purpose of Cosmart, coser A may have sold the costume to coser B for a cheaper price mainly because he or she thought that coser B is unable to afford a normally priced costume. I wouldn’t say “unethical” is the word to describe this situation, but rather, it’s more like coser B is being insensitive to the situation. It’s more about feelings at this point.

If someone believes that you want something for cheaper because you can’t afford anymore than that, in a way, they’re doing you a favour. So I believe coser A feels cheated and hurt because he or she actually took coser’s B situation into consideration when coser A sold coser B the costume. Of course, there is ambiguity as to how we can see this situation. It’s all in one’s perspective. As for me, I can’t decide whether I’m leaning towards your argument or the other, because in some parts I do believe that we shouldn’t involve our feelings too. At the same time, I think coser B should be more considerate. It’s all up to you folks. Wew!

Ms. Scrumptious

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