Pokanime Planet 2023: The Mega Anime Carnival Returns!

From the 17th to the 18th of June, THE MAGIC RAIN had the opportunity to attend the highly anticipated return of Pokanime Planet at Pavilion Bukit Jalil. With a lineup of exciting activities, including thrilling performances, competitions, booth displays and gaming tournaments, the event was set to be an unforgettable experience for anyone who visited.

Here’s a quick recap of everything that went down:

Stage Events

Pokanime Planet featured a mesmerising array of performances from both familiar faces and upcoming talents alike. Dancers such as Bunpais, Xtreme Dreamerz, and Mz & Amiyachuu kept the crowd entertained with their energetic routines, including a special maid dance from Zen and Ying, two representatives from the event’s PokAniMaid Cafe.

Attendees also got to enjoy a wide range of live music performances, from remixes of popular anime songs by DJ ZackerZ and DJ Abang Soulie, to guitar sessions by Meelz and Ian Fewbeats, as well as anime song covers by Samantha Lim, Hayate, CTZ, Minri, Rina-Hime, and Jei Suzukii. Not to mention a unique beatboxing performance by Nova MC, who performed a range of videogame and anime covers, including his rendition of Megalovania from Undertale.

Another highlight from Pokanime Planet was the Wig Styling workshop conducted by Kai Xin. The expert cosplayer and her assistant demonstrated the basic techniques involved in cosplay wig styling in front of a live crowd, who appreciated every tip she had to share.


Pokanime Planet’s Cospose Competition saw many enthusiastic cosplayers take the stage while bringing many beloved anime and videogame characters to life. From highly detailed armour sets, to intricate wigs and makeup, fans were treated to an amazing showcase of passion and creativity from every participant, with the grand prize going to King KJC for his amazing portrayal of Johnson from Mobile Legends.

On Sunday, we got to witness the Anisong competition, where contestants competed to show off their best singing skills. The judges certainly had their work cut out for them as over 20 participants brought their A-game to the stage, with each demonstrating their own unique singing abilities. After much deliberation, the top prize for the Anisong competition went to Bin Yun.

Exhibitor & Artist Booths

The show floor at Pokanime Planet was a hit with collectors and casual fans alike, as visitors could easily find themselves getting lost while browsing through rows of anime- and videogame-inspired merchandise. There was something for everyone on offer, including toys, artwork, apparel, and many more.

Two exhibitors that easily stood out from the rest were undoubtedly the Bandai and Banpresto booths. Upon stepping into the venue, one would find themselves being drawn to the wares they had on display, with the former showcasing their new Vital Bracelet releases, and the latter featuring a wide variety of anime figurines that many fans couldn’t help but stop to admire.

We’d also be remiss not to mention the many food stalls present at the event, where vendors could be found selling both local and Japanese dishes. It was a great way for fans to relax and refuel without having to leave the event venue.


Pokanime Planet also played host to the Bushiroad Spring Fest Vanguard Cardfight Battle, where hundreds of card game players gathered to play against one another in a thrilling competition that added to the excitement of the event. The lucky winners of the competition got to walk away with amazing prizes, including highly sought-after cards and exclusive playmats.

Videogame enthusiasts weren’t left out of the fun as well, as the Play Access booth offered a variety of games for visitors to try out, including Beat Saber, Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles, and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star R. They could even test their abilities against their fellow fans by taking part in the Tekken 7: Battle of the Throwers tournament.

We had a blast at Pokanime Planet 2023, and we’re certainly looking forward to what the organisers have in store for their next event!

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