What to Bring to Conventions as a Cosplayer: Pokemon Style!

With the Official Launch Event of Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon coming up really soon this weekend, our fellow attendees are probably as excited to embark on this Pokemon journey as we are! We highly encourage you to show up in cosplay, and to help you navigate around a convention as a cosplayer, here’s a brief guide to what may be helpful when we start our adventures!


1. Bag

No Pokemon Master is complete without their trusty Bag, in which you store all your valuable items that may or may not come in handy during battle!


2.  Mystic Water (a.k.a. Bottle of Water)

To refresh yourselves whenever you’re parched during the event, having a bottle of water with you works just like a miraculous Mystic Water.


3. Big Nugget (a.k.a. Money)

You might need more than just one Nugget to equip you with all the resources available to purchase onsite,  so bring enough with you so you won’t go home regretting that you didn’t get that Pikachu plush toy.


4. Fashion Case (a.k.a. Makeup)

To make sure your cosplay is always in tiptop shape, remember to carry your handy makeup items with you so you can look your best throughout the day. Some important ones include loose powder, lipstick, eyelash glue and eyeliner.


5. Comb

In case your wig isn’t cooperating well with you on event day. It’s also a good item to have even if you don’t need it yourself – lending it to another cosplayer in need may spark some new Pokemon friendships!


6. Red Card (a.k.a. Coscard)

Don’t forget to network with fellow cosplayers and make new friends! Coscards are a token of appreciation that symbolize the cosplayer’s efforts to connect with you, so keep the coscards you receive with care and love.

7. Elixir for your Eyes (a.k.a. Eyedrops)

A lifesaver for the bad days when your contact lenses refuse to be kind to your eyes. Also keeps cosplayers bright and refreshed.


8. Cell Battery (a.k.a. Portable Charger/Powerbank)

A helpful item to channel Electric-type Pokemon moves into your Pokedex, keeping it alive and well-charged.


9. Power Belt (a.k.a. Toolkit)

Items like scissors and superglue are super helpful during an event when your costume or props require some damage control.


Even the best Pokemon trainers get hungry! Keep yourself energized and prepared to catch wild Pokemon with some food supplies ready in your Bag.

And last but not least….

Your Pokedex! (a.k.a. Phone)

A trainer isn’t complete without his Pokedex to help him navigate through the challenging roads of his journey, and similarly, a cosplayer (or just any event attendee) needs their cell phone with them to find friends, take pictures, search for something online, or just to be able to connect with the outside world.

There you have it folks! Our list of must-haves in your Trainer Bag to make sure you’re always in your best shape so you can enjoy the event to its fullest without always feeling like you’re missing something!


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