Against The Storm Blends Dark Fantasy With Roguelite City-Building

At Indie Game Award 2024, the captivating city-builder Against the Storm claimed the coveted “Best Design” honor. This roguelite colony simulation, crafted by the Polish development team Eremite Games in collaboration with publisher Hooded Horse, seamlessly blends dark fantasy elements with addictive city-building gameplay.

Since its release, the game has not only maintained an overwhelmingly positive reception on the Steam but has also garnered playful remarks from numerous fans, who jokingly suggest enabling the in-game “playtime warning” feature is a must – a heartwarming reminder that hints at the developers’ confidence: Against the Storm is a game that will undoubtedly keep gamers hooked once they start playing!”

Dream Chasers ! Mobile Game Devs Boldly Pursue Indie Ambitions with Against the Storm

During Taipei Game Show 2024, the publisher Hooded Horse made a special appearance to represent the developers in receiving the award. They also shared the fascinating backstory of the team, praising Eremite Games not only for their unwavering commitment to quality during development but also for their dedication to addressing gamer feedback and diligently improving pain points, even proactively investigating negative reviews. Hooded Horse commended them as an exemplary team offering exceptional “after-sales service.”

The Eremite Games team

Interestingly, Eremite Games was formed by a group of seasoned mobile game developers who maintained close connections while pursuing their respective careers in the industry. Despite their accomplishments, they harbored a smoldering aspiration to develop an engaging PC game.

Determinedly turning their dream into action, in November 2019, team member Michał penned the first line of code for Against the Storm, officially marking Eremite Games’ transition into full-time indie game developer. The initial planning phase alone spanned nearly three years, but their meticulous efforts paid off, successfully delivered a game that the developers themselves yearned to play.

Intricate Design Fuels Long-Term Against the Storm Allure

As developers who are also avid players themselves, the Eremite Games team understands that while city-building games are undoubtedly engaging initially, gamers often find themselves drifting away after the first 2-3 hours, mirroring a relationship exiting the honeymoon phase when challenges diminish and growth stagnates.

Consequently, during development, they relentlessly pursued a diverse array of gameplay elements, seamlessly blending roguelike features into the experience. Their goal was to sustain an enthralling, honeymoon-esque allure that would captivate players’ long-term interest.

Despite the plethora of existing city-building titles on the market, Eremite Games sought inspiration from their personal encounters with Blizzard Entertainment games and classic hand-drawn Disney animations during their formative years. This inspired them to forge a distinctive dark fantasy art style, replete with vibrant colors, intricately sculpted species, and imaginative objects. To maintain a harmonious balance amidst the complexity, the team strived for the “perfect fusion of familiarity and novelty.”

Whenever designing a new species, members would first identify a core concept from various proposals and then expand upon the artistic vision, gradually shaping the foundational outlines encompassing culture, specialties, attire, and architecture. They meticulously ensured each element resonated with the overarching world, ultimately crafting the vast and visually captivating realm of Against the Storm.

“The team is truly elated by this experience!” Eremite Games emphasized that the competition featured numerous exceptional contenders, making their triumph with “Against the Storm” – a project that began as a modest side endeavor – all the more remarkable in the face of such fierce rivalry. To see their humble beginnings blossom into a mature, widely beloved masterpiece, even clinching the prestigious “Best Game Design” award, feels utterly surreal.

Looking ahead, the team reveals that during the game’s early access period, they maintained a cadence of releasing new content updates every two weeks. However, following the 1.0 release, they plan to moderate the pace slightly, though assuring that Against the Storm will not be abandoned.

On the contrary, Eremite Games is actively considering supplementing the continuous free updates with their first paid DLC offering. Tantalizingly, they hint, “This could potentially include brand new playable species, so players should stay tuned!”

Get Against The Storm on Steam, and top up your Steam Wallet on Codashop.

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