Here’s 5 Indie Games About Driving Cars (And Sometimes Other Vehicles)

It’s time for the Hari Raya holidays, which means you’re either team travelling or team stay-at-home! If you’re one of the brave souls weathering the bad traffic this year, we got you covered with these five geeky podcasts you can listen to on the road.

But if you’re staying at home this year, we’ve got something else in mind for you. Here are five games with driving as the main mechanic, ranging from cozy mailman simulators to thrilling survival horror.

1. Pacific Drive (Ironwood Studios)

Pacific Drive is a first-person driving survival game with your car as your only companion. Navigate a surreal reimagining of the Pacific Northwest, and face supernatural dangers as you venture into the Olympic Exclusion Zone. Each excursion brings unique challenges as you restore and upgrade your car from an abandoned garage. We played the game earlier this year, and we definitely recommend it for fans of the survival genre!

2. Lake (Whitethorn Games)

It’s September 1, 1986. You take on the role of forty-something Meredith Weiss, who returns from the big city to her quiet hometown. She exchanges her busy career at a software company to fill in for her dad, the local mail carrier. During her two-week stay in beautiful Providence Oaks, Oregon, she runs into a few familiar faces as well as plenty of new folk. The game also released a Season’s Greetings DLC last December.

3. Tiny Tires (Jon Kristinsson)

Tiny Tires is the tiniest racing simulator you’ve ever played. Race around coffee cups and jump off notepads, amidst a scenery of giant cutlery and pieces of cereal. The game is a throwback to classic racing games, featuring a top-down perspective making it easy to keep an eye on any opponents trying to get one up on you. The game also supports up to four players on local co-op.

4. Road 96 (Digixart)

An ever-evolving story-driven adventure, Road 96 is a procedurally generated narrative adventure where you join the mass migration of teenagers crossing the border out of Petria amidst a political uprising. On this risky road trip to the border, you’ll meet incredible characters, and discover their intertwined stories and secrets. The game also has a prequel titled Road 96: Mile 0, but we recommend starting with the original release in 2021.

5. Open Roads (Annapurna Interactive)

In Open Roads, Tess (Kaitlyn Dever) and Opal (Keri Russell) embark on a road trip adventure to explore a series of long-abandoned family properties, unearthing the past. They’ll search the ruins of these places that hold buried memories, things Opal has tried for years to forget. And in this search, they’ll discover not just the truth they’ve been seeking, but each other. This game is also available on Xbox Game Pass!

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