Our Top 10 Most Anticipated Anime Releases In 2024

AnimeJapan, one of the biggest anime industry events in the world, was recently held at Tokyo Big Sight. The annual event acts as the go-to place for fans to get the biggest anime announcements, as well as a preview of upcoming series and movies.

This year’s announcements included some incredible new titles, new seasons, and reboot announcements set to release this year and beyond. Here’s the top 10 most anticipated 2024 anime releases you can’t miss!

1. Spice and Wolf Reboot

Originally released in 2008, the reboot for Spice and Wolf (Ookami to Koushinryou) recently began airing. The series follows Kraft Lawrence who travels from town to town, peddling various goods and dreaming of starting his own shop. One night, he is joined by forgotten harvest goddess Holo, a girl with the tail and ears of a wolf.

2. Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Season 2 is another series that recently began airing. The series is about a jobless overweight man who gets reincarnated as Rudeus Greyrat in another world while retaining the knowledge of his past life. He vows to achieve success and enjoy fun-filled adventures in his new beginning.

3. Black Butler: Public School Arc

Arriving this April 13th, the highly anticipated Black Butler: Public School Arc is the fourth season of the anime series and the seventh arc of the overall story. This arc follows butler Sebastian Michaelis and the Earl Ciel Phantomhive as they infiltrate Weston College to investigate suspicious student disappearances.

4. My Hero Academia Season 7

My Hero Academia returns for its highly anticipated seventh season this May. This season will focus on the Star and Stripe Arc, where America’s top Pro Hero, Star and Stripe, comes to Japan to aid in the battle against All Might. However, he is ready to strike back and so is Tomura Shigaraki.

5. Oshi no Ko Season 2

Oshi no Ko is another highly anticipated series returning for its second season in July. During AnimeJapan, the studio released brand new character visuals of the main cast in the Tokyo Blade stage play, which will be the focus of the second season.

6. Suicide Squad ISEKAI

Suicide Squad ISEKAI, the new anime by DC, will also be dropping in July. The anime follows Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Peacemaker, Clayface, and King Shark as they are sent into an otherworldly realm that’s connected to this world through a gate. Its opening theme “Go-Getters” is performed by popular VTuber Mori Calliope from Hololive EN.

7. Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World Season 3

During AnimeJapan, Re:Zero announced their return for a third season this October. The new season takes place a year after the liberation of The Sanctuary, but their fragile peace comes to an end with a single letter from Anastasia, one of the candidates for the royal selection. Re:Zero also recently collaborated with Goddess of Victory: Nikke for an in-game event.

8. Natsume’s Book of Friends Season 7

A new season of Natsume’s Book of Friends is finally coming, and it is titled Natsume’s Book of Friends – Lacquer. Although the teaser trailer is region restricted, the key visual featuring main character Takashi Natsume is enough to get fans excited.

9. BEASTARS Final Season

The final season of BEASTARS is arriving exclusively on Netflix. The final season will be split into two parts with Part 1 coming in 2024, and Part 2 soon after. No exact dates have been confirmed yet. However, you can watch the official teaser trailer as revealed at AnimeJapan.

10. BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War 3rd Cour

Last but certainly not least, we’re waiting with bated breath for more information about BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War. Unfortunately, the anime didn’t confirm a return date during AnimeJapan but they did premiere a special music video featuring “Reaper” performed by SennaRin. The same artist also performed the ending theme song for the 1st cour, “Saihate”.

For the complete list of anime series and movie announcements from AnimeJapan 2024, read our helpful recap article here!

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