Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Coming To PS4 In 2018

Originally a Japanese arcade-exclusive, Team Ninja’s Dissidia Final Fantasy has been confirmed for a PlayStation 4 release and is slated for release in early 2018!

Now named Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, the fighting game brings the arcade version’s 3-on-3 team brawls, as well as an all-new story by Kazushige Nojima (FFX, FFXV, FFVII Remake, Kingdom Hearts) that features over 20 Final Fantasy heroes and villains, including Noctis from the recent Final Fantasy XV.

Check out the announcement trailer!

Look forward to E3 next week for more info on the game, such as perhaps what ‘NT’ actually stands for (my bet’s on Naughty Tummies).

For the uninitiated, Dissidia Final Fantasy is a 2009 Final Fantasy spinoff for the PSP that pits heroes and villains of each mainline Final Fantasy title in a war between Order and Chaos, and is much beloved by fans for its unique depth in both its highly satisfying combat and character customisation.

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