‘Fields of Mistria’ Is A Farming Sim That Looks Like Sailor Moon

Fields of Mistria is a nostalgic farming simulator and role-playing game where magic, romance, and adventure await. The game officially launches into Steam Early Access on August 5th, and this is what we know so far.

Developed by NPC Studio, Fields of Mistria is heavily inspired by the long legacy of farming sims, from its inception with Harvest Moon SNES to modern-day entries to the genre like Stardew Valley. The developers hope to embrace the history of the genre, while continuing to push it forward with their newest release.

The game is set in the fictional village of Mistria, tucked between forest and sea, where the player is offered an overgrown but full-of-potential homestead in exchange for their assistance. The player will help to restore the town to its former glory after an earthquake wreaks havoc and strange magic begins to flow through the land.

Fields of Mistria covers all the basics like farming, fishing, mining, and crafting; while offering some interesting mechanics unique to the game. With magic as a central theme, players can unlock magic spells that will aid them during farming and adventuring. There are a total of 9 different skill types and powerful skill perks for each.

Players can also customise their character, home, and farm to suit their style across the seasons. This includes dressing up your animals with their own cosmetics, giving them toys to play with, and breeding rare colour variants.

The game also boasts 5,000+ lines of unique character dialogue and dozens of cutscenes, over 30 characters to meet and befriend, 10 marriage candidates and 2 special marriage candidates, and even unique seasonal outfits and special beach outfits for romanceable characters.

Although Fields of Mistria launches in Early Access on August 5th, the developers promise dozens of hours of gameplay through all four seasons. The game will remain in Early Access for roughly one year with regular content updates planned along the way.

For the full list of features available in Early Access, visit their official website here.

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