Main Game Season 2 Shines The Spotlight On Southeast Asian Streamers

Following the episode about VTubers, Main Game Season 2 shone the spotlight on Southeast Asian streamers in the first segment of its fourth episode. The video game show, co-produced by RTM and Kakuchopurei, highlights various aspects of the regional games industry from e-sports to entertainment.

As one of the major pillars of online entertainment, streaming has become a possible career for many international entertainers. However, is streaming full-time a viable career option in Southeast Asia?

According to e-sports host and Twitch streamer Tashbunny, “when you want to go into streaming, the mindset shouldn’t be trying to make it a career. Like for me, I started streaming because I enjoy talking.” She also shares that her first streaming setup cost RM3,500 while a more professional setup these days would cost RM6,000 and above.

Goofguy, a Twitch streamer from Singapore, echoes this statement. “Don’t quit your day job. First you’ve got to learn whether you like livestreaming. That’s the first, most important thing. Some people just cannot handle it, it’s overwhelming, or they’re too introverted,” he shares. “It’s difficult, but it’s possible if you’re good, you put in the effort, you’re consistent, and you’re willing to not be too serious about yourself and livestreaming.”

Although it’s clear that professional livestreaming has a long way to go in Southeast Asia, there are some ways you can be smart as a budding content creator.

“Honestly it is really difficult to make a living purely streaming video games on Twitch. A lot of content creators I know diversify into other social media platforms or other types of jobs so they can make ends meet. It’s not very easy, but it is very fulfilling,” shares Nathalie, the co-founder of The Cham Drinkers.

What are your thoughts on livestreaming as a viable career path? Let us know in the comments below!

Watch the full Main Game episode on RTMKlik or YouTube, and follow Kakuchopurei on their official website and Twitter.

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