Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.2 Livestream Recap — New Characters, Story Missions & In-Game Events

The second ever Honkai Star Rail (HSR) Livestream update just happened, and fans of the game are eager to hear what awaits them on their next adventure in 1.2. It isn’t news that the game, as good as it is, currently lacks a lot of content other than the End Game farming and Memory of Chaos, so this update comes highly anticipated.

Here’s a recap of all the new content coming in Version 1.2.

Character Banners

Phase 1 of Version 1.2 will feature the new Destruction Wind Character Blade as the 5 Star, while Arlan, Sushang and Natasha will accompany him as the increased drop-rate 4 Stars. Meanwhile, Phase 2 will usher in the character that everyone has been waiting for, Kafka, as the 5 Star with Luka as the new 4 Star along with Sampo and Serval as the increased drop rate 4 Stars.

With each of the new characters also comes their respective Light Cones, the Unreachable Side and Patience is All You Need. Those that waited a long time to spend, it is time to open up your wallets now and cry about it later.

Trailblaze Missions

With the new update, we are finally able to continue with Trailblazer’s mission in exploring and investigating Xianzhou Luofu for the Stellaris. We are getting brand new Areas, the Alchemy Commission and the Scalegorge Waterscape, along with new enemies, Echo of War and Stagnant Shadow.

Brand-New Cavern Relic

We’re also getting new Relics Sets and new Planar Ornaments to sink our time and fuel as we curse at our luck on the sub-stats that roll with the relics. The Relics set we are getting include the Longevous Disciple that increases HP and Crit Rate when their HP is reduced or consumed, as well as the Messenger Traversing Hackerspace that increases Speed, and when the User uses an ultimate on an ally, all allies Speed increases as well.

The Planar Ornaments that are coming are the Rutilant Arena that increases the wearer’s Crit Rate, Basic Attack and Skill Damage, and the Broken Keel that increases the Effect Resistant and allies’ Crit Damage.

Companion Missions

With the new update comes new Companion Missions and this time you get to hang out with everyone’s favourite mommy Kafka in Letter From A Strange Woman and accompany the recently released 4 stars, Yukong in For I Have Touched The Sky.

Simulated Universe: World 7

Everyone loves the Simulated Universe, HSR’s own rogue-lite game mode, and with the new update will come the new difficulty which is the Simulated Universe: World 7.

New Events

We are getting a plethora of new events as well with plentiful rewards. The Tales of the Fantastic, the Underground Treasure Hunt, Where Are you, Mystery Trotter and everyone’s awaited event, Planar Fissure and Realm of the Strange, that double rewards.

Log In Gifts for 7 Days

Similar to the last update, we are getting another Gift of Odyssey where you get a total of 10 Warp tickets for logging in for 7 days.

Watch the trailer for the next update, aptly named “Even Immortality Ends” to hype yourself up for the next adventure as the Trailblazer.

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