League of Legends Versus 2019: Cats Vs Dogs

As we March off into April, we’ve got the first look at the upcoming April Fool Versus skins. Like the previous skins for April Fools events, Riot has created the most ridiculous and cute skins that have ever roamed the rift. In conjunction with the Versus events, this year it will be a battle of Cats Vs Dogs.

Team Cat is made up of Rengar and Yorick. They are mean and they are also adorable, exactly like a cat! Whereas Team Dog is Fizz and Corki. Nothing much to say except D’AWWWW.

Fuzz Fizz

Looking like an adorable little puppy, Fuzz Fizz also comes with magical squeaky toys SFX, barks and also a new pet husky that will obliterate your entire team while consuming that delicious snack.

As for all events, there will be a prestige skin and this time, Fuzz Fizz gets the royal make-over. Prestige Fuzz Fizz looks like a puppy fit for royalty. The skin comes with rainbow-colored particles, a crown and staff adorned with diamonds, and a royal pug instead of a husky.

Corgi Corki

Being able to ride a corgi into battle is a dream come true of mine. Now with Corgi Corki, I will probably play it non-stop on the day of release. Support Corki works right?


A grave digger with a cat onesie. What will riot think of next?

Yorick was supposed to be menacing and life-threatening as he digs a hole in the ground. That all stays, except now he is in a cat onesie. It’s freaking adorable! He is big, he is angry, he is in a cat onesie. What’s not to like?

Pretty Kitty Rengar

Like Yorick, Rengar is supposed to be menacing but for this event, Riot has decided to embrace all the cuteness Rengar has to offer. Rainbow SFX and particles plus a cat onesie, I can’t tell if I will be happy or sad getting decimated by this cute kitty in-game.

Now, I know that we all can’t wait to rip everyone into pieces while being in a cat onesie, but alas, we must wait till the April Fools event arrives in a few weeks time. Let’s be patient like a Pretty Kitty Rengar, okay?

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