‘Dancing Queen’ Board Game Review: From The Dance Floor To Your Tabletop

Dancing Queen brings the hip world of dance battles to your tabletop in a lively and engaging 2-player board game experience. This 9 card (YES, only 9 cards!) game embodies the mantra of easy to learn but difficult to master while capturing the excitement and competition of dance battles.

The sense of competition is paired with a lighthearted tone, making it accessible for players of all skill levels and ages. The old school manga artstyle blends very well with the theme and the overall immersion of the game’s objective.

Players take turns selecting dance sequences from their hand to create a routine, aiming to outmaneuver their opponent and build the dance off they have decided on. This mechanic adds a thrilling layer of pressure, simulating the intensity of a dance battle.

The gameplay is easy to pick up but it is ultra intense once you manage to figure out the metagame of what tactics your opponent is utilizing. This dynamic gameplay keeps each match exciting and full of surprises, encouraging players to think on their feet and adapt to changing circumstances.

The game’s pacing is well-balanced, ensuring that matches remain engaging without feeling rushed. Rounds are typically quick, making Dancing Queen perfect for a casual game night or a quick break during a long board game session.

I highly recommend Dancing Queen to all strategic board game lovers as it is a great game that skillfully translates the energy and intensity of dance battles into an entertaining tabletop experience.

I am also very proud that the game is designed by a Malaysian designer, showing that we can create high quality board games that is easy to learn but with great depth. Well done, Mr. Hiew Chok Sien!

For more information about Dancing Queen, visit their official website here.

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