Dinosaurs, Pirates, Merfolk and Vampires in Magic: The Gathering’s Latest Set, Ixalan

Set in a world of discovery, Ixalan is a cornucopia of lush jungles, gorgeous waterways, and an abundance of treasure. With much of the treasure along with unimaginable power within Orazca, the mythical lost city of gold.

The Sun Empire (and their raging dinosaurs!)

The Warriors of the Sun Empire have learned to command terrifying dinosaurs on the battlefield. Their signature mechanic is enrage, an ability that is triggered whenever the dinosaurs are dealt damage. You would think twice before attacking a dinosaur!

The Brazen Coalition (and their raiding pirates!)

If you are a pirate in the Brazen Coalition, you seek to amass treasure. It’s what you do. To save the effort of finding treasure is to attack those who find it first! The raid mechanic rewards ruthless aggression.

The River Heralds (and their elusive merfolk!)

The merfolk strategy revolves around being very difficult to block and it growing via +1/+1 counters.

Not much has been known about these elusive and mysterious beings.

The Legion of Dusk (and their bloodthirsty vampires!)

The vampires’ strategy revolves around the manipulation of life. If you choose to serve the legion, you will find yourself paying your life for powerful effects, regaining that life via lifelink and other abilities, ultimately draining the life from your foes.


What’s a pirate without a ship, amirite? Vehicles make their return in Ixalan. Each vehicle starts out as just an artifact, but will turn into an artifact creature with crew abilities.

My Pre-Prerelease Experience

Having gotten the chance to play the prerelease format in an exclusive media event, I constructed a white black deck, with the vampires as my focus. Cards like Queen’s Commission and Call to the Feast helped the deck drastically as it floods the table with a hoard of 1/1 vampire tokens with lifelink. That keeps the opposing player busy while leeching off the player’s life.

Pre-releases for Ixalan will happen throughout this weekend at trading card stores all across the country! For fans and the uninitiated alike, you can visit our partner cardshop, Cards and Hobbies, FB link here, to join the prerelease. The events are in Sealed Deck format, where players are given prerelease packs and time to construct a 40 card minimum deck.

The set releases on 29th September. Just as before, booster boxes, bundles and even the planeswalker themed decks will be available at your favourite cardshop. Additionally, there is a Buy-a-Box promotion where you will get a Dino Booster Pack with every purchase of a booster box. The packs come with 1 Alternate Art Premium Foil Rare, 4 Rare or Mythic Rare, 2 Premium Foil Cards, and 2 premium Foil Basic Land.


It’s time to brave the unknown!

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