The Demon and Lord of Lava Rises From Hell, Thamuz – Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Deep within the mountains, darkness reigns over everything. The only light is the crimson lava that flows in the bottomless crevices. Since the beginning of the abyss’ reign on the mainland, countless demons became loyal followers of the Abyss. Fervent in their beliefs, the demons chant the will of the Abyss in these deep caverns — “Only the strong deserve to rule!”

Guarding the Abyss for millenniums, a tribe of fire demons became the rulers of the Abyss. Thamuz, the king of the fire demons, and his people made the Abyss into a formidable power. unabashed to use cruel methods in achieving his goals. Possessing ungodly natural strength, Thamuz was appointed chief of the Abyss, who led the Abyss to conquer all of the underworld.

View Thamuz’s full list of passive and active skills below:

Grand Lord Lava (Passive Skill)


The damage Thamuz deals inflicts the enemy with Scorch effect, which deals 12 (+5% Total Physical Attack) points of continuous Physical Damage. The effect adds up and deals 160 True Damage when the target moves. Thamuz moves 30% faster when scythes are not with him. Retrieving the scythes will strengthen his next basic attack, dealing 120% points of damage, slowing the target 40% and generating a gush of lava at places where the target stands. The lava explodes in 2s to deal 280 (+60% Extra Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage.


Slaughterous Scythes


Cooldown: 2.0s

Thamuz tosses a pair of scythes to a designated direction. After travelling for a certain distance or hitting the first enemy hero, they deal 160 (+100% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage. The scythes will then slow the enemies nearby by 40% for a period of time, and deal 60 points of Physical Damage every 0.5s. After a while, the scythes return to Thamuz, pulling enemies onto his path. Thamuz can retrieve the scythes to reduce the next cooldown.


Chasm Leap


Cooldown: 11.0s

Thamuz jumps to a designated area to deal 250 (+80% Extra Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage and slow the enemy by 2s when landing. If the scythes are still travelling, they will return to Thamuz.


Cauterant Inferno (Ultimate)


Cooldown: 45.0

Thamuz spouts the lava stored in his body to deal 300 (+100% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage to nearby area and create a cauterant atmosphere around him. The atmosphere lasts 9s and deals 20 (+10% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage every 0.3s. Thamuz recovers 2% of HP when dealing damage with his basic attacks and scythes when this skill is active.

Our Thoughts

In my opinion, I think that this hero is just another rip-off from a Dota 2 hero, Doom. They have almost the same exact design and both specialise in fire. Even Thamuz’s ultimate is the same as Doom’s 2nd skill. Moonton really needs to put more effort in their hero design and skills.

On the other hand, I still think that Thamuz is a really good hero overall as he doesn’t need as much lifesteal items for a fighter as his ultimate already has lifesteal. (This doesn’t mean you don’t have to buy lifesteal items though.) With full build, only a few hits are needed to kill a hero, and at the same time, Thamuz becomes quite tanky with the lifesteal.

What do you think of Thamuz? Is he just a bad Doom replica? Do tell us in the comments below!

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