Tabletop Games Galore: Any Games Con 2023 Is Back!

It is time to indulge yourself in numerous tabletop games in the biggest tabletop games event in Malaysia, coming again this 29-30 July 2023 at Jaya Shopping Centre — Any Games Con 2023! This event will definitely satisfy your tabletop games needs over the weekend as they feature tons of tabletop games from around the world.

Any Games Con 2023 brings players back to the table socializing, interacting and playing with fellow Malaysians. Dive into the world of tabletop games with your friends and experience, play games around the world all day long over the weekend here.

Unsolved Mystery: A Detective’s Delight in Mall

Ever wanted to be a detective like Sherlock Holmes or Nancy Drew? Any Games Con features an activity like no other where participants have to collect clues, explore and solve crimes in the mall itself. The event activity combines game story and activities that will surely excite your minds as you explore the mall to save the lost girl. Expect more details for the event soon!

Dominate The Dungeon: Embark on Epic Adventures

Ever wanted to play Dungeons & Dragons but having a hard time finding a group or the time to play? Sign up for Any Games Con Role-Playing Game sessions that will be happening the whole day over the weekend with talented Game Masters that have dozens of stories under their belt.

Fulfill your fantasy of hammering down your axe as a Tifling Barbarian, shooting arrows as a Human Ranger or even playing the lute as a Dwarven Bard. Whatever it is, experience the world of D&D and other role playing games in all its glory.

Local Taste of Boardgames: Discover Malaysian Creativity

Any Games Con 2023 brings 62 exhibitors uniting over 20 local Game Designers from all over Malaysia at one destination where you can try, play and interact with the designers. Their booths will be available all weekend and you can find them through the map provided by the event.

Don’t miss the chance to meet the game designers, talk to them and get to know the minds behind your favourite local boardgames that you play with your friends and family. Who knows, you might just find inspiration to design and create your own board game.

Thrilling Tournaments: Compete and Conquer

What is an event without some friendly competition among participants and rewards to be won; from PS5s, Nintendo Switches, and so much more. Any Games Con 2023 features TCG tournaments like Magic: The Gathering, Grand Archive TCG and WoW Mini War.

Compete, win, and explore games even if you are new to the game as the goal of the competitions is to have fun and nothing is more fun than winning. Stay tuned to the event to find out the registration details as well as prizes for the competitions.

Stage Activities: Entertainment Beyond Gaming

An event would not be complete without Stage Activities and the Any Games Con 2023 emcee, Benjamin Leow a.k.a. the founder of #laiplayleow from Singapore, will be introducing a ton of event activities starting from the morning.

That includes mascot and cosplay appearances, sharing sessions and panels from tabletop game designers, workshops and other activities available for your entertainment. If you ever need to wind down from walking around, playing games and getting to know people, you can always head to the stage area to have a look at the latest activities there.

With a variety of attractions, activities and tabletop games over the weekend, Any Games Con 2023 promises to keep you entertained and your tabletop games needs fulfilled. Whether you are a casual boardgame player that loves to laugh while playing with friends or a serious player that loves to win, you will definitely find your fancy at the event.

Buy your tickets to Any Games Con 2023 on their website or keep updated through their Facebook and Instagram.

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