CRIT Esports’ Celebrity PUBG Team, CRIT MVP, Enters The Fray!

On 8th June 2023, THE MAGIC RAIN had the opportunity to attend the launch of the CRIT Esports PUBG Celebrity Team for Malaysia called CRIT MVP. CRIT Esports Malaysia is a pioneering force in the sports industry which aims to revolutionize the intersection of entertainment and gaming by providing an unprecedented platform for local gaming influencers to engage with their fans and showcase their gaming prowess.

The launch was attended by Yang Berhormat Tuan Adam Adli, the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sport, and Mr KM Rajendran, the Vice President (Development) of Paralympic Council of Malaysia. Other influencers, streamers, media and influencers also attended, spending the afternoon getting to know one another and the team CRIT MVP.

The primary objective of this unique event is to create a dynamic and engaging space that merges the best aspects of esports, pop culture, and marketing, hoping to bridge the gap between gaming enthusiasts and their favourite celebrities. CRIT Esports Malaysia hopes to facilitate fan interactions, fostering a sense of community and excitement in the process.

The team CRIT MVP is composed of Muna Shairah, Kuza, Cikgu Misai, Jajazuber, Yepz and Roxxy, each a celebrity in their own right with a total of 1.3 million followers. They mostly stream on Facebook but appear on the other social media like TikTok and Instagram.

We had the golden opportunity to have a short interview with one of the members Kuza, otherwise known as “Yakuza XGaming”, as he enlightened us on the history of the team and how it came to be. Kuza was a competitive PUBG player that had competed in a variety of competitions, from community to high level tournaments. He has been with CRIT for a long time and now acts as the advisor of the new Team.

We at THE MAGIC RAIN fully support the grassroot efforts and creation of new esports teams. We pray for the best and wish them good luck in their future endeavours, and hopefully they will make Malaysian proud of their achievements!

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