ACS EDU TOUR Season 2 Grand Finals: A Clash of the Titans

The ACS EDU TOUR Season 2 Grand Finals was held at the vibrant Berjaya Times Square KL on December 9th and 10th, following a six week league stage that witnessed 90 teams from 11 prestigious universities competing fiercely for the top spot and crowned the best Mobile Legends Bang Bang College Team for Season 2.

During the league stage, LYK X USM secured the top spot, earning RM1000 and 1200 diamonds. UITM ALL STAR claimed second place, receiving RM600 and 1200 diamonds, while UPM X PRIAIDAMAN took the third spot with a prize of RM400 and 1200 diamonds..

Fans and teams witnessed thrilling twists and story arcs in the race for the ACS EDU Tour Season 2 Grand Finals crown. The stakes were high, with RM5000, along with 10,000 Mobile Legends Diamonds, for the 1st place winner, RM2500 and 8,000 Diamonds for 2nd place, and RM1500 with 6,000 Diamonds for 3rd place. The competition was fierce, and every match brought the promise of both honor and valuable rewards.

After intense battles and remarkable displays of skill, the victors of the ACS EDU Tour Season 2 have emerged, and it is team LYK X USM, from University Science Malaysia.

Their journey to the pinnacle was no easy feat. Initially, they faced a setback, losing to UITM All Stars in a closely contested 2-1 loss during the upper finals matchups. Undeterred, LYK X USM rallied back in the lower brackets, securing a 2-0 victory against UPM X PRIAIDAMAN in the lower bracket upper finals, to advance back to the Grand Finals once again to meet their nemesis UITM All Stars in an exciting rematch.

Their resilience was showcased in the Grand Finals Best of 5 matchup against UITM All Stars. This time, LYK X USM turned the tables, executing a flawless 3-0 sweep with unwavering confidence, ultimately claiming the coveted title of Champions of the ACS EDU Tour Season 2. With this triumphant victory, LYK X USM has solidified its position as the best team among all the 90 participating university teams.

The standout player hailed as the MVP of the Grand Finals is none other than a remarkable player from team LYK X USM, known by his gaming alias, Strawberry S. His exceptional skill as a player and team contributions has propelled him to the coveted title of the Most Valuable Player of the ACS EDU TOUR Season 2.

With Season 2 coming to a close, anticipation is already building for ACS EDU Tour Season 3, set to kick off in 2024. Promising to be the grandest yet, Season 3 will feature the largest stakes ever witnessed in the Malaysian Esports Collegiate Scene. Brace yourself for more teams, more drama, and more electrifying esports moments.

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