Gamers Fallout – Analyzing the Recent Debacle

If you have not heard about the recent incident concerning Gamers Hideout (GH), you can read all about it here.

Now, if you are up to speed, let us take a step back and view things in a rational manner. While mistakes happen all the time (we are all mortal humans anyway), the degree of mistakes committed by the manager of GH doesn’t seem to make sense at all. While certain things are understandable (rude approach to a guy whom you believe to be a thief, accusing a suspect from the get go), the rest of it totally does not make sense, at least to us. The mass public has made their feelings known by bombarding GH’s Facebook page as they demand the answers to a few crucial questions.

There are several key questions that are lingering about, waiting to be answered by a representative of GH or better yet, the manager himself.

1. Why wasn’t the robbery reported to the authorities on the same day itself, or the day after?

If you knew that a theft had occurred during your business operation hours, wouldn’t you have lodged a report to the police immediately or the day after? At least this is what common sense tells me. However, waiting for the culprit or the friend of the culprit to come back into the store he stole from is pretty farfetched, almost nonsensical even. So why would you wait for such a miraculous thing to happen in the first place? Assuming the suspect didn’t walk into the store, would the entire case just be buried, since this whole fiasco would not have happened? Intriguing, to say the least.

2. Why didn’t the manager go to the police station to clarify matters but instead sent an off-duty supervisor to iron things out?

Citing that the store is understaffed seems like a very weak reason for someone to avoid responsibility. Mainly because as a manager, you could have asked the off duty supervisor to come in to replace you as you go out and solve the issue at hand. At least, that is what an accountable and duty bound manager would do. In my opinion, having someone not involved in the incident attend an interrogation session seems ridiculous.

3. How can there be a sudden confusion as to who the suspect of the crime was, when the manager approached the suspect with conviction?

While short term memory loss is real (thanks Dory!), this seems like a case of “mistaken identity and I don’t want to apologize for my mistake” right of the bat. Switching accusatory remarks isn’t like switching slippers here. You have to be sure about facts and figures before you accuse anyone of anything. Innocent until proven guilty, not guilty until proven innocent.

Cutting to the chase, refusing to be interrogated by an officer of law showcases that you are indeed guilty of something, such as this case, where the manager refuses to settle the issue he initiated. This also happens after the manager became unsure of the person he was accusing, creating a very confusing scenario, which really reeks of someone trying to cover up a terrible mistake made.

Just a brief glance through of the Facebook page of GH will display a variety of shocking comments, some calling for boycotts, some requesting for a public apology and some just making fun of the entire situation at the expense of GH.

While we are not accusing anyone of anything, GH is still yet to make a public announcement of this matter stating their side of the story. We hope that these questions get answered, and if indeed there was a mistake made, an apology would be the right thing to do instead of letting the netizens rage on their social media platforms.

We hope this will be a lesson for everyone to not falsely accuse anyone of anything without concrete evidence.

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