Cosers Confess: How Do I Approach Photographers??

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Hi Magic Rain team,

I am quite new to the cosplay community, been around for like a year or so. Just wondering, how do you request photographers for shoot? I’m quite shy and scared to be honest because my friend got her request rejected by a photographer recently. He also kind of told her indirectly that she was not pretty enough and that he didn’t know her well enough. What do you think of this?

From: Cosplayer

Dear Cosplayer,

Late welcome to the cosplay community!

I am sorry to hear that your friend was treated that way… sadly it is the truth that some photographers do value looks and are biased. My advise to you and your friend is to never ever let anyone’s negativity bring you down! 🙂 We can never be able to please everyone, so challenge them or just move on with your life. Try to care less about what others speak of you. Life is short, so be happy.

As for how to request photographers for a shoot… Rule number 1, we should always be polite and be respectful. Introduce yourself and let them know the shoot details. Always prepare and buy your costumes/wigs etc before asking for a shoot. You do not want to ‘FFK’ (note: bail out on) a photographer just because your costume has not arrived yet etc. That’s bad. No one wants that.

Here are some steps and guidelines to help you out during the process:




Hi (photographer name/page), My name is (insert name). I was wondering if you are free and interested in a shoot. Here is the info:


Character+Version: ( try to include pictures)

Cosers: (Only if its a group shoot)






-Hi Hi! Are you free!

-You interested shoot ——??????

– Lets shoot!

Note: Before a photographer can decide to take on a request, they need to know the details. They have a life outside of the cosplay circle so they need to plan too!

Also, shoots rely mostly on mutual interest. If a photographer rejects your request, do not be discouraged. Sometimes they may do so because they do not have mutual interest in the series you’re shooting. They have the right to reject or accept a shoot just like how cosplayers can too.

Always message a photographer with respect and be polite. Most of them are photographing for us free and actually sacrifice their time to edit for us cosplayers.


After acceptance 

#1: Remember to say “Thank You!”

#2: Give the photographer some sample pictures and/or more information about series, discuss some ideas and give comments for the shoot. By doing so, you can help them visualize some ideas  and help the shoot go smoothly. (Teamwork!) You may also find a saikang (helper) to make the photographer’s work easier.

#3: Prepare your costumes beforehand. Iron them(!), pack and do a checklist on the items or props you need to bring.

#4: Bring extra makeup, a mirror, fan, water and food if needed.

#5: Get their number or tell them how to contact you if anything goes wrong.

#6: Be punctual!

#7: IMPORTANT NOTE: If you’re planning to shoot in a studio and would like to divide the cost with the photographer, ask politely. In this case, mutual interest is important, i.e. both photographer and coser are interested in this series. However, if the photographer is just doing you a favour, do not ask to split the bill. If you don’t share mutual interest, they wouldn’t want to pay for something they are simply helping you with (if you get what I mean).

#8: Wait for the photos. Be patient. If you need the photos urgently, discuss with your photog if they are okay with giving raws (unedited).

#9: Lastly, dont forget to have fun! Remember that this is a hobby and if it’s stressful then you’re not doing it right! And if you find out that a photographer was difficult to work with, do not back stab them or engage in negativity. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Just move on and work with other new photographers~


I hope this reply helps you. Stay positive and have fun!

– Ms. Scrumptious

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