Coser’s Confess: My Friends Don’t Recognise Me at Conventions

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Dear The Magic Rain Team,

I’ve been cosing for about 3 years now but I wouldn’t officially call myself a coser because I’ve always been busy with college. Because of that I haven’t been attending as many events so I feel very left out sometimes. Not sure why. I guess people don’t recognize me after my long absence in the community? Am I not good enough to fit in? I also don’t know how to approach photographers and ask for them if can I can shoot with them or not. I’m afraid they will reject me…


Worried girl.

Dear Worried girl,

It’s totally understandable as to why you’d feel left out. The cosplay community grows and moves in a fast pace. So it’s truly normal and understandable for individuals to not remember who you are or have a hard time remembering you. However, I think it’s okay and normal.

There are times where I myself can’t remember a person because of the change in their makeup and cosplay. It happens all the time to everyone. At times, we can meet up to 20-30 new people in a cosplay convention. Imagine going to every convention. It’s hard to keep up on who you know and who you’ve already met. What I suggest is to maybe meet new friends in shoots and keep in touch with them.

In that sense, you can get to know them more closely. In shoots, there are lesser people to talk to and it’s much easier for everyone to remember faces easily and focus on the conversation at hand. (Ps; you can join cosplay groups to see if anyone’s recruiting… or you could even recruit cosers yourself. Example: If you like Macross Frontier you can join a Macross Frontier cosplay group)

Moving on, it’s easy to approach photographers. Easier than you think… because think about it, at the end of the day, they’re still people just like us. They’re probably scared of approaching cosplayers too sometimes. I know some photographers who would love to shoot cosplayers but does not have the guts to do so.

Therefore, do not be afraid. Especially now, when there’s so many new and uprising talented photographers in the community who would be more than willing to shoot with you.

I’ve written a step by step guide on how cosplayers can approach photographers in another confession previously;  ( Do check it out! Don’t worry girl, think less and just do it! Have fun 😀

Ms. Scrumptious

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