New Kingdom Hearts Mobile Game Announced

This coming April, Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ will be rejuvenated along with a new title called Kingdom Hearts Union χ (Cross).


While there isn’t much details on large scale updates as of now, the release of the multiplayer quests has been confirmed.



According to Square Enix, “With Kingdom Hearts: Union χ, players can create teams of six from their party members or through a matchmaking feature to fight hordes of Heartless enemies and powerful bosses. Players can also take on quests of increasing difficulty as well as unique new missions. To help these teams of friends communicate with each other, the game will now include emotes and text bubbles. Players will encounter both familiar and new faces as the story of the Unions continues to unfold, and the new Theatre Mode” will allow players to relive the drama and rewatch cutscenes.”


Square Enix also announced a pre-registration campaign. By pre-registering, participants will receive special rewards such as medals, jewels and special wallpapers. You can register at the website below:

It has also been confirmed that existing Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ players will be able to carry over their existing game progress and inventory into Kingdom Hearts Union χ.


Currently not available in the Malaysian Apple Appstore and Google Playstore. Let’s hope that a local release is inbound.


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