10 Fantasy Swords You Didn’t Know About

The following article was contributed by Allia Luzong.

Fantasy swords are incredible, and there are many reasons behind this. First of all, the great majority of swords pertaining to fantasy permeate magical powers or consist of metals with incredible properties, such as certain swords from Game of Thrones.

Others, in turn, are not meant for everyone, as only certain people can do so. For example, only Sephiroth can use the Masamune, famous within the Final Fantasy universe.

In short, swords of the fantasy realm take what we know and love about traditional and medieval sword types and, with the help of imagination, turn them into amazing, powerful, battle-ready swords!

Fantasy Swords vs. Sci-Fi Swords: What’s the Difference?

Of course, we could start or top this list with the famous lightsaber from the Star Wars franchise. The issue is, however, that fantasy is an extremely different concept than science fiction. While this topic is complex, the explanation is quite simple.

More specifically, fantasy deals with impossible aspects created from sheer imagination, often without any plausible explanation. Science fiction, on the other hand, refers strictly to things that are possible in the near or distant future. This is why an article about fantasy swords will not discuss lightsabers.

But do not falter! The domain of fantasy has an almost infinite amount of incredible swords that can take down the fiercest of enemies – or adorn your fantasy sword replicas collection.

The Masamune – Sephiroth’s Odachi Blade

The Masamune appears as a sword of unequaled power, and players can find it throughout the Final Fantasy series of video games. Your chances of finding it increase as you progress more within the game.

Given that you can find Masamune in almost all Final Fantasy games, its appearance varies widely. In Final Fantasy XI, for example, the sword looks less like an odachi or regular katana and more like a regular fantasy one-handed sword.

Final Fantasy fans can find some high-quality replicas on the market. Most consist of stainless or carbon steel and measure between 42 and 68 inches long.

Sting – the Famous Lord of the Rings Short-Sword

Bilbo and Frodo Baggins wielded the famous Elven short-sword known as Sting during their journeys throughout Middle-earth.

In the book, Bilbo was the one to discover this sword and used it as a reliable companion for the Quest of Erebor. Afterward, Bilbo passed it to Frodo. The movie adaptation, however, changed this aspect, as Gandalf was the one to find and give it to Bilbo.

The Sting resembled two other swords in the series, Glamdring and Orcrist, but it was the only one with a bluish glow or, as depicted in the series, a “cold light” when orcs were close. Fans can see the sword in both The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit.

Gram – the Viking Sword of Sigurd

Gram, a bright, golden sword, is the slayer of Fafnir, a well-known dragon (or worm) present in Norse mythology. Sigurd, commonly known as Siegfried, the hero of legend in Germanic folklore, wields this viking sword.

You’re now probably wondering why we’re discussing Gram, a mythological sword, when we should talk about fantasy swords, right? Well, Gram found its way on our list because it served as inspiration for numerous other swords encountered in fantasy stories, video games, and animated series.

Balmung, for example, is a sword one can read about in The Nibelungenlied or, as per the English translation, The Song of the Nibelungs. Although it has a different name, the story actually talks about Gram.

Sakabatō – the Battle-Ready, Reverse-Edged Katana

Sakabatō is the sword used by the famous Himura Kenshin in the even more famous Rurouni Kenshin anime series.

To the untrained eye, Sakabatō is nothing more than just a regular katana – it has a simple handle, a circular guard, and a typical overall length, curvature, and tip. The sword enthusiast, however, will soon notice that the blade of the sword is on the opposite side, hence the name reverse-edge or reverse-blade sword.

Due to its peculiar “structure,” enemies couldn’t tell which edge was sharpened and which was not, especially from afar. This had the purpose of incapacitating enemies to avoid further harm.

That’s why Sakabotō bears a symbolic value – it serves an opposite purpose compared to that of normal swords; that is, it doesn’t serve as a killing weapon.

Anduril – Born From Narsil, Wielded By Aragorn

Anduril is one of the most famous fantasy swords in literature. Its creator is, of course, J.R.R. Tolkien and the sword appears in The Lord of the Rings.

Aragorn II Elessar owned Anduril, a weapon reforged from Narsil. The latter, in turn, belonged to Isildur, who used it to cut the finger of Sauron’s hand that wore the One Ring.

Known as the Flame of the West, Anduril is a long sword featuring a blade engraved with a plethora of Elven symbols. Its most notable feature is the hilt – a half-covered grip and a detailed pommel that’s in tune, design-wise, with the guard.

Ice – Ned Stark’s Sword and Executioner

Ice is the ancestral sword of House Stark in Game of Thrones. Ned Stark wielded it before his unfortunate execution. Bran Stark described it as “wide across as a man’s hand and even taller than Robb Stark.

As you might’ve guessed, Ice consists of Valyrian steel and measures approximately six feet.

House Stark kept the swords in a wolf-pelt scabbard for generations. Fans first encounter it when Eddard Stark uses it to behead a Night’s Watch deserter named Will. Then, the royal executioner, Ilyn Payne, kills Ned with the same sword.

Later, Tywin Lannister orders the reforging of Ice into two other famous fantasy swords in the Game of Thrones universe – Oathkeeper and Widow’s Wail.

Ashbringer – the Paladin’s Weapon of Choice

The Ashbringer is the sword wielded by the Ashbringer – a statement as weird as is true. Alexandros Mograine was a Highlord of the Knights of the Silver Hand order, essentially paladins of the World of Warcraft universe. He bore the The Ashbringer title.

It is a peculiar sword, with an orb of light seemingly floating along the blade. After all, the one who forged the Ashbringer was a dwarf called Magni, and he infused it with Holy Light.

The Ashbringer is as famous as the Frostmourne, another headpiece of the Warcraft universe in terms of fantasy swords. It was Ashbringer that shattered Frostmourne and brought an end to the Lich King’s reign.

The Fierce Deity Sword is one of the most powerful swords Link can wield in the Legend of Zelda universe – besides the Master Sword, of course. This sword appears after Link equipped the Fierce Deity’s Mask. It is capable of magical powers, sending forth a disk of light created by Link’s magical power.

As with most fantasy swords, the Fierce Deity Sword has more than just a peculiar design. Its blade resembles the infinity symbol. Moreover, it bears another name, that of the Double Helix Blade, thanks to its close resemblance to the double helix DNA pattern.

Blade of Olympus – the Titan Banisher

The Blade of Olympus is a sword present in three God of War video games. Zeus forged the weapon by using the Earth and the Heavens and its primary purpose was to end the Great War by banishing all Titans to the Primordial entity of the Abyss known as Tartarus.

The sword is peculiar all around. Its metal blue features a golden, gray, and blue color combination, the golden parts engraved with various symbols. The hilt is not clearly separated from the blade, as there are three rows of spikes on each side. The whole sword emits bluish hues filled with energy.

Durendal – the Holy Sword of Charlemagne

Roland, a legendary officer of Charlemagne and paladin appearing in literature, wielded Durendal, a sword with debatable provenance.

In La Chanson de Roland, Charlemagne received it as a gift from an angel, and he, in turn, gave it to Roland so that he would achieve certain military goals.

The epic poem depicts the sword as consisting of various religious artifacts – Saint Peter’s tooth, Basil of Caesarea’s blood, Saint Denis’ hair, as well as a piece of Mary’s raiment. Living up to its sword of legend status, Durendal could cut through boulders. Moreover, no one and nothing could destroy it.

Although this is a legendary sword, Michael Scott transformed it into a fantasy one in his series entitled The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, which, alongside Excalibur, Clarent, and Jeyeuse, was one of the four Swords of Power. The sword measures three feet long, is of a dull-gray color, and consists of stone.

Which fantasy sword was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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