The Best Deck Builds After The Legends of Runeterra Rotation

It has been one week since Legends of Runeterra, Riot’s digital card game, had a massive rotation where a huge amount of cards are no longer legal to be played in the Standard Rank play. The game now has 2 different game modes in addition to the previous game modes which were Standard and Eternal.

The Standard format now include cards that have not been rotated and new cards that will be released by Riot, while the Eternal format is for all cards. The ranked and competitive scene for the game for now is only for Standard formats. So, what is the 1-week aftermath for the rotation? Three decks stand strong.

The first deck being Fizz Samira (Bilgewater + Noxus)

Fizz/Samira came into the meta running as the first aggression deck with a high play rate and high win rate. Some aggressive cards like Fizz, Fleet Admiral Shelly, and Wiggly Burblefish survived the rotation and has proven to be the same great cards to push damage.

The deck not only plays low-cost units, but also low-cost spells that work really well with the rest of the package. Most of the cards are cheap as well, since most of the new cards come with Samira’s package while the others are cards which were already good pre-rotation.

The deck is fast and hurts but really struggles against decks that are beefier like Demacia and Freljold based decks. Overall, this deck will dominate the meta as the premiere aggression deck until more control-based decks rise up in the meta.

The second deck surprisingly is Gwen Quinn (Demacia + Shadow Isles)

This deck survives rotation with all of the cards being exactly the same with the addition of Form Up! as the new card. This is the deck I played pre-rotation and it is still strong with hallowed cards being the driving force of the deck.

The new card Form Up! is a great addition that covers the weakness of the deck on the defence dealing with big units. Though some decks prefer the Eternal Dancers for a finisher, personally I would go for Grizzled Ranger to give an extra Scout unit.

The deck is not as aggressive as the previous deck as it slowly builds up its attack, but trades better on the defence as you want the hallowed units to die. This deck is great against aggressive decks but might falter against Freljold based decks that plays Frostbites. Overall, a good deck if you are low on currency to get new cards.

The Third and final meta deck, surprisingly is, Daybreak Samira (Noxus + Targon)

Another deck that came from pre-rotation, Leona sunbreak decks, but with a more aggressive twist with Samira being the supporting Champion. This midrange deck can control the board, and at the same time, push damage with low-cost units.

Unlike the previous Fizz/Samira deck, this time Samira’s flair uses the Challenger side more than “deal 1 damage” to control the board with cards like Solari Shieldbearer and Sun Guardian. Morning Light, Twilit Protector and Might provide the deck with a great finisher to deal that last few damage to the opponent.

The deck can finish fast with its aggressive low-cost units, but also take it slow dealing with more aggressive decks with Challengers and stuns like Leona and Solari Sunhawk. Overall, a great mid-range deck that can control the meta while it shapes up.

Our final bonus deck is an upcoming contender, Ashe Leblanc (Freljold + Noxus)

Another deck that survives the rotation but lost quite a few key cards like Culling Strike, Ravenous Flock and few other killing spells. Still, the frostbite package is still around and with a lot of aggressive decks running around, they bound to be a great counter to them.

Though the deck retains a lot of pre-rotation frostbite concepts, hopefully there will be more Reputation cards that can see the light of play further down the meta. Right now, Incisive Tactician and Bloody Business are the only reputation cards that prove to be great finishers and removals.

The deck plays pretty well as a mid-range control deck that deals with aggressive decks and big decks. It may have a problem with combo control decks like Norra/Veigar and Karma/Sett but can still put up a fight. Overall, a good deck to look out for in the current meta.

Final Thoughts

There are more decks running around the Meta both new post-rotation and pre-rotation decks like Karma/Sett, Jack/Seraphine, Aatrox/Kayn and others which proves that the current meta is diverse with different decks that can climb the Standard rank.

I do hope to see more cards being highlighted in the meta post-rotation but that is a discussion for another time. For now, do enjoy these variety of decks and maybe, home-brew your own deck. Who knows, your own home-brew might be the next meta deck.

Images in this article were taken from Mobalytics.

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