Rick and Morty Releases An Anime Teaser For Season 4?

PICKLE RICKK! As another Rick and Morty fanboy, waiting for the series can be exhausting. Thankfully the good people at Adult Swim know how to keep us satisfied with mini teasers here and there until the show releases in 2019.

The latest teaser released on the 22nd August was just 15 seconds long, but it was full of references, 90’s anime style! I am going frame by frame just to find all of them.

First off, the entire teaser feels like it was heavily influenced by the old X-men cinematic opening. Compare them side by side and tell me that you don’t see the resemblance. I bet you can’t. Rick even looks like Cyclops!

Summer and Beth both appear as hot gunslingers and Squanchy is obviously Wolverine. Snuffles, Morty’s highly intelligent dog also gets an appearance. Among the entire family, it seems that only Jerry did not get a superhero’s appearance. I guess there is no way to make Jerry cool.

References to older episodes are also in this 15-second video. Armothy, Morty’s giant arm from Season 3 Episode 2: Rickmancing the Stone; Cromulon’s from Get Schwifty and also Squanchy are all referenced in this short teaser. It’s amazing, how many references they managed to fit in.

So what does this mean for Rick and Morty? Probably a whole lot of nothing. There are enough teasers and clips for us to know that all of this does not affect the show or the story in any way. However, it’s still fun to see them. The goal of these mini teasers are just a reminder that Rick and Morty is alive and the show will be coming back.

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