Good Pizza, Great Pizza: Is It All That Great?

An amazing mobile game is such a rarity these days, when there’s other forced microtransactions junk added to the mix in Android’s Play Store or the Apple App Store. Most well made games that are made in mobile often come with a price, and most of us aren’t willing to pay a few bucks on a really solid mobile game while we’re willing to pay hundreds on AAA games that are often broken half of the time.

But here’s this game, that’s free and doesn’t shove micro-transactions down your throat. It’s called “Good Pizza, Great Pizza”; a Pizzeria Simulator but nothing like Five Nights at Freddy’s: Pizza Simulator, don’t worry. Though the name is something a 3 year-old kid would just spurt out, it’s a whole lot more charming than that. I’m gonna give you an overview of what the game is about and my verdict on this game, so stick around!


TapBlaze. (2018). Promotional Image from Android Play Store. Good Pizza, Great Pizza. (Downloaded on 13th August 2018)

The game features a very simple yet pretty gripping storyline. There are recurring characters that will make an appearance once in a while. With that, there are choices that you can make that will eventually give a different outcome, either good or bad. The game so far has two chapters. The first being your humble beginnings and your survival against your rival pizzeria across the block in the first 30 days of your pizzeria’s opening. The second chapter expands your horizons with a ton of added features and meeting a certain cult that is new in town.


Woon Irsen. (2018). In-game Screenshot. Good Pizza, Great Pizza. Screenshot taken from OnePlus 5T

The gameplay is genuinely fun. Nothing too difficult here; get the order from the customer, put the desired toppings, bake it, slice it and send it to your customer. But all that would get too boring too fast without a little twist added to the mix. When the customer comes in for an order, they would tell you the order in the vaguest way possible and expect you to get it right the first time, because if you continuously ask them “What?”, you’ll lose the customer’s patience by around 10%. Then you would have to make the pizza itself.

This is probably the hardest part of an order, because it could make or break your order. You have to be super precise on how you put the toppings; if you screw up the ratio or scatter your toppings in a mess, the customer will give you a piece of his/her mind.

Woon Irsen. (2018). In-game Screenshot. Good Pizza, Great Pizza. Screenshot taken from OnePlus 5T

Soon after, you have to bake the pizza. But you have to look out on the customer’s order whether they want the pizza to be extra crispy, which you’ll need to run the pizza over the oven twice. After baking, it’s slicing time and only then you can give it to your customer. Crossing your fingers that they will give you tips on doing a good job, rather than leaving the store angry, without any tips or worse; a refund.

Woon Irsen. (2018). In-game Screenshot. Good Pizza, Great Pizza. Screenshot taken from OnePlus 5T

After the day is done, you will get a result sheet on how you did on that day. Like owning an actual pizzeria, you would have to consider the cost of rent, supplies and refunds (if any). In this menu, you’ll be able to buy visual upgrades to your store to make it fancy and all. Buy additional toppings to gain even more revenue from more profitable ingredients. Practical upgrades to your pizzeria that serves to make your life easier or help gain even more profits daily. Repairs needed such as servicing your oven or any broken locks. And finally, reviews, which in fact is only available on the 2nd Chapter.


Chapter 2 Additional Features

After your journey in Chapter 1, things get a whole lot more interesting. A whole new review system is added to the mix. The pizzas that your customers will order will affect your ratings. Making it even more crucial to keep your customers happy in order to maintain that 5 Stars. Ultimately your ratings will affect the amount of rent you would have to pay on the daily. With a whole new arc that has to do with a pizza cult and new ingredients are a few of the features added in Chapter 2.

Visual & Sound Design

Woon Irsen. (2018). In-game Screenshot. Good Pizza, Great Pizza. Screenshot taken from OnePlus 5T

The overall charm that this game brings, is the biggest selling point this game has to offer. The cute and aesthetic art style and animation pulled me in immediately at first glance. The sound design this game had, made me stay. The voices are similar to “Simglish” from the Sims series, a garble of words that actually gives life to the characters speaking. The background music, to the sound effects used are very lighthearted, which gives the a game a wholesome and cute experience overall.

Verdict: Play!

This game is an amazing representation of what great mobile games should be. A fun gameplay that serves as a time killer with a gripping story that is truly wholesome. The visuals and sound that this game had, especially pulled me in. Though people say not too judge a book by its cover, but the art shown in a game’s promotional image is the biggest factor on making me download or pay for a mobile game. While everything else in the game would make me stay, and this game has done it.

In addition, did I mention this game is free? Good Pizza, Great Pizza is free without shoving microtransactions down your throat like most games, both free or AAA titles. Advertisements in the game are absolutely optional, it doesn’t suddenly popup on your screen like a cancer. It’s a true rarity to find mobile games like these that are of amazing quality while not selling itself short with cancerous ads and microtransactions. A MAJOR GO for me.

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