Overwatch’s New Animated Short and Map Featuring D.Va

Finally, the long-awaited D.Va animated short has been released and to our pleasant surprise, it came with a brand new map, Busan. Following Overwatch’s announcement a few days ago, we at The Magic Rain have been eagerly waiting for the release. Eating a whole of popcorn while waiting too. 

Shooting Star

The new animated short, titled “Shooting Star” features the cute and confident pro Starcraft player turned Meka driver, D.Va. Despite the fact that D.Va had always been portrayed as a celebrity, the short shows a more down-to-earth side of D.Va. She’s in her ordinary mechanic clothes, tweaking and enhancing her Meka, preparing for the next imminent attack on Busan. Each and every attack on Busan puts a crack on her confidence and the weight on her shoulders are heavy but she never shows it. Thanks to the short, she is now much more relatable to the ordinary masses.

Busan Map

Alongside the short, Blizzard also launched a new control map: Busan. This new map is D.Va-themed where players will battle for control in three areas of Busan: Sanctuary, Meka Base and Downtown.  Sanctuary is a cultural heritage where players will be able to see South Korea’s ancient temple and historical architecture. Meka Base is where Dva houses her operation along with her team and Meka’s. Downtown is the city’s hub where you can see all the pc bangs, karaoke’s and a deadly train.

This map looks like it stayed true to the South Korean’s culture and is probably the most polished among all the maps Blizzard has released. You can try out the new map in PTR (Public Test Realm).

What do you think of Overwatch’s latest animated short featuring D.Va? Will you be trying out the new map? Let us know in the comment section below!

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