Samsung Onyx LED Cinema Screen Comes To GSC, Here Are Our Thoughts

Currently only available in Hall 11 of GSC Mid Valley, the all new Onyx HDR with 4k display is the latest breakthrough in cinema technology to have landed itself in Malaysia. The new and improved cinema hall also features JBL by Harman Professional Solutions sound systems and eco-leather seats.

In comparison to traditional projector cinemas, the Onyx display has no image distortion. This technology also allows for more seats to be placed in the cinema hall. Moreover, we found out that the HDR technology enables us to see a wider spectrum of colours. To put it simply, the blacks appear darker while the whites appear more clean and bright.

The Onyx display enables development of cinema in new realms. As pointed out by GSC, the new hall allows for child-friendly viewings and e-sports events to be held for future screenings and events.

For the hardcore tech-junkies, the technical specifications of the Onyx display is available on Samsung’s official webpage here.

Over the weekend, we tested out the hall by watching Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Upon our first exposure to the screen, some of us found that the high contrast level of the display looked unnatural. However, it could have been attributed to not being used to the new form of display. Some actually took a liking towards the deep colours the display enables. For example, we found that scenes with darker lighting still managed to portray high levels of detail with stellar clarity.

Besides that, we also found that the new and improved hall delivers an extremely satisfying surround sound experience. Unfortunately, we had no choice but to sit in one of the front rows of the hall. Despite that, we were delighted to experience a more-than-decent cinema surround sound because of the broader audio perfect spot that the JBL sound system is capable of.

Lastly, since we spent the entirety of our time in the cinema sitting down, we would like to interrupt this program to deliver a special public service announcement: Do not go in with short pants or mini skirts! The eco-leather seats are an “improvement” that is subject to preference. Our own experience tells us that sitting on cold leather seats can be electrifying, but not to worry, it will heat up over time due to your body heat.

After that you will realise, the earlier tingling cold sensation has now become an inferno under your thighs. As you move to find a colder spot, the sound of skin sticking against leather can be distracting, especially during the quieter scenes of the movie.

The “wolf” in eco-leather

Final Thoughts

The Onyx theatre is a welcomed change to the cinema viewing experience. It is worth a try even to the most skeptical of viewers. Currently showing in Hall 11 are Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom & Incredibles 2.

Just remember to wear long pants.


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