10 Upcoming Movies to Check Out This Oct – Dec 2018

I enjoy a good movie as much as the next guy, but whether you enjoy mega blockbusters or something with a little more artistic flair, there’s definitely something right up your alley coming within the next few months, especially as the high-profile releases slow down and directors bring up their Oscar hopefuls. So why not we take a look at them?

1. Venom (October 4)

Okay, this one is out already, but it came out in October, so it counts. Tom Hardy plays Eddie Brock, a reporter that stumbles onto an experiment that he shouldn’t have, and must now fight to stay alive. That’s as much as I can tell you without spoiling any more than what you already know.


2.  Taxi 5 (October 11)


Now this I did not expect to see. After the last Taxi movie premiered more than a decade ago, the French are back with another bombastic high-octane action movie. Set some years after the events of Taxi 4, the story follows a Parisian police inspector, Sylvain Maro, who is transferred to Marseille. Tasked with stopping a group of Italian robbers, Sylvain enlists the help of Eddie Makhlouf, the nephew of Daniel, who drove the original Taxi. Eddie however, isn’t exactly the best driver around.

I just want to see another souped-up white Peugeot taxi, then I can die a happy man.


3. Halloween (October 18)

A direct sequel to the original 1978 debut, Michael Meyers is back, 40 years after the Haddonsfield murders, to finish the job. Jamie Lee Curtis reprises her role as Laurie Strode, now a grandmother suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder due to the incident. If you want a good horror/thriller experience, you can’t go wrong with Halloween.


4. Bohemian Rhapsody (November 1)

A movie I’m personally really hyped up for, this movie chronicles the life story of one of the biggest musicians in history, Freddie Mercury, as well as the band Queen. Rami Malek stars as the flamboyant, yet reserved Freddie, and the movie was directed alongside consultation from the band itself. Bohemian Rhapsody is sure to provide newer insight on the tumultuous life of the gone-too-soon megastar.


5. The Grinch (November 6)

I never thought I’d every say a sentence like “Benedict Cumberbatch is the Grinch”, but… Benedict Cumberbatch is the Grinch. The Christmas-hating green furball is back on the big screen to try and ruin Christmas yet again.


6. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (November 15)

The next film in the well-received Fantastic Beasts series set in the Harry Potter universe, will touch upon the friend-enemy dynamic between a younger Dumbledore and Grindelwald, told through the eyes of our ever lovable Newt Scamander. A must-watch for any Harry Potter fan.


7. Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-it-Ralph 2 (November 22)

The sequel to the extremely enjoyable Wreck-it-Ralph sees our lovable villain-turned-hero with his trusty sidekick Vanellope von Schweetz as they sail through the high speed network of information that is the Internet.


8. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (December 13)

A new Spider-Man movie, with a refreshing style of animation we don’t quite see nowadays, Into the Spider-Verse tells the story of Miles Morales as he struggles with not being the only Spider-Man around, and solving a mystery that threatens to destroy every multiverse as we know it.


9. Bumblebee (December 20)

We’ve talked about Bumblebee before, and you can check it out here. Starring Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena, this movie is set in a different universe than the Micheal Bay Transformers. Featuring Gen-1 Bumblebee, it’s sure to get old Transformers fans excited.  


10. Aquaman (December 20)

The next entry in the, admittedly wonky DC Expanded Universe, Jason Momoa plays the eponymous superhero, before his arrival in the Justice League.

There you have it, these are some of the upcoming movies that I think you should definitely get excited for. Share your to-watch list with us in the comments below!

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