All The 2023 & 2024 Anime Announcements From AnimeJapan

Held annually at Odaiba’s Big Sight Convention Center, AnimeJapan is the premier convention for the Japanese animation industry and one of the largest animation related events in the world. For the fans, it’s the go-to place for the biggest anime announcements, as well as a preview of the upcoming seasons this year.

In this article, we’ve compiled all the biggest announcements in one place, sorted by season. (Warning: This is going to be a long one!)

Summer 2023

Mushoku Tensei II: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu (Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Season 2)

Killed while saving a stranger from a traffic collision, a 34-year-old NEET is reincarnated into a world of magic as Rudeus Greyrat, a newborn baby. With knowledge, experience, and regrets from his previous life retained, Rudeus vows to lead a fulfilling life and not repeat his past mistakes.

Seishun Buta Yarou wa Odekake Sister no Yume wo Minai (Rascal Does Not Dream of a Sister Venturing Out)

After a draining December, Sakuta is quickly nearing the end of his second year of high school. Since Mai is a third-year student, they don’t have much time left together before graduation rolls around. Meanwhile, his sister, Kaede, is slowly but steadily venturing outdoors again. Just as she begins to find her footing, she announces her most ambitious goal yet — attending her brother’s high school!

Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon (My Happy Marriage Spring)

Miyo Saimori was the unfortunate child of a loveless, arranged marriage. After her mother died, her father brought in his lover and her own daughter, Kaya. Even worse, while Kaya inherited the family’s psychic abilities, Miyo had none — she was truly the daughter with no merit. It comes as no surprise that she is arranged to be married to Kiyoka Kudou, a military captain rumored to be so cruel that he has driven away every one of his potential wives so far. Contrary to her expectations, what really awaits Miyo is a blissful, everlasting marriage full of happiness!

Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha (The Dreaming Boy is a Realist)

Wataru Sajou, who is deeply in love with his beautiful classmate, Aika Natsukawa, approaches her without getting discouraged while having dreams about their mutual love. However, one day, he woke up thinking he wasn’t a good fit with her. Upon realizing this, Wataru started keeping an appropriate distance from her, much to Aika’s surprise. This is the start of a romcom revolving around two people who just can’t get their feelings across and both think their love is unrequited!

Horimiya -piece- Season 2

On the surface, the thought of Kyouko Hori and Izumi Miyamura getting along would be the last thing in people’s minds. After all, Hori has a perfect combination of beauty and brains, while Miyamura appears meek and distant to his fellow classmates. However, a fateful meeting between the two lays both of their hidden selves bare.

Dark Gathering

Keitarou Gentouga is a college freshman who hates ghosts. Unluckily for him, he has a knack for attracting spirits. Two years ago, this connection had led to him receiving a spiritual injury on his right hand, with his childhood friend Eiko Houzuki getting caught in the crossfire. Fast forward to present day, Keitarou takes on the part-time job of a private tutor, and his first pupil is none other than Eiko’s cousin, Yayoi Houzuki who also has a spiritual constitution, just like Keitarou.

Liar Liar

At Academy Island, everything is settled through “Games” waged for a certain number of stars, with the strongest student being granted the ranking of Seven Stars. Hiroto, a transfer student, unexpectedly beats the strongest empress and becomes the pseudo-strongest in the school! A mind game of lies and bluffs begins!

Hataraku Maou-sama!! 2nd Season (The Devil is a Part-Timer!! Season 2)

In the world of Ente Isla, the Demon Lord Satan has attempted to conquer humanity using an enormous army of demons. But when he almost succeeds, mankind’s champion, Hero Emilia, thwarts his plans, forcing him to retreat into a portal that leads to a world unbeknownst to him — Earth. Along with his faithful servant Alsiel, Satan stumbles upon the modern-day city of Tokyo without any knowledge of the world itself.

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2

Hidden in plain sight, an age-old conflict rages on. Supernatural monsters known as “Curses” terrorize humanity from the shadows, and powerful humans known as “Jujutsu” sorcerers use mystical arts to exterminate them. When high school student Yuuji Itadori finds a dried-up finger of the legendary Curse Sukuna Ryoumen, he suddenly finds himself joining this bloody conflict.

Fate/strange Fake: Whispers of Dawn

Years have passed since the end of the Fifth Holy Grail War in Japan. Now, signs portend the emergence of a new Holy Grail in the western American city of Snowfield. Sure enough, Masters and Servants begin to gather… A missing Servant class… Impossible Servant summonings… A nation shrouded in secrecy… And a city created as a battleground.

Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan

Ten years have passed since the end of Bakumatsu, an era of war that saw the uprising of citizens against the Tokugawa shogunate. One wandering samurai, Kenshin Himura, still works to make sure the values he fought for are worth the lives spent to bring about the new era. Once known as Hitokiri Battousai, he was feared as the most ruthless killer of all the revolutionaries. Now haunted by guilt, Kenshin has sworn never to kill again in atonement for the lives he took, and he may never know peace until killing is a thing of the past.


Yanagi Yukito is an orphan who one day encounters an eccentric disciple of his father’s. The strange man takes him to his birthplace on Ayakajima, made up of seven islands where mysterious beings called “Mitama” and dragons are rumored to reside. There, Yukito meets his father’s two other disciples, who protect the harmony of Ayakajima… which soon threatens to collapse.

The Great Cleric

Originally tweeted by TVアニメ『聖者無双~サラリーマン、異世界で生き残るために歩む道~』公式 (@seija_anime) on March 25, 2023. (Note: Summary was not available at the time of writing this article.)

Black Clover: Mahou Tei no Ken (Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King)

Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King is an upcoming Japanese animated film directed by Ayataka Tanemura and produced by Pierrot. Based on the Black Clover manga series by Yuki Tabata, the film is set to be released in Japanese theaters and on Netflix internationally on June 16, 2023.

Fall 2023

Migi to Dali (Migi & Dali)

The stork brought an angel into the lives of a childless middle-aged couple. His parents are kind, their house is luxurious and the meals are delicious, but to continue to revel in this happiness Hitori must conceal a certain fact from his family…

Nanatsu no Taizai: Mokushiroku no Yonshiki

Percival has always lived with his grandfather on God’s Finger, a remote haven that sits high above the clouds. And though he loves the simple life, he secretly longs for adventure. But Percival’s life is changed forever when an intruder — who shares a shocking connection with him — tears away everything he’s ever known.

A Girl & Her Guard Dog

Isaku never asked to be the daughter of a yakuza boss, but when her parents died in a car accident when she was 5, her gangster grandfather took her in and raised her as part of the clan. After years of being avoided by her schoolmates, Isaku is finally ready to make her high-school debut, live a normal life, and maybe even find love… until loyal family servant, 26-year-old Keiya, enters high school right alongside her and vows to protect her from all of the above!

Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning

In the trailer premiered at DigiFes 2022, the title of the movie was announced as Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning. The movie will catch up with Taichi Yagami and his friends in the future, although little else about the plot has been revealed so far.

Spy x Family Season 2 & Spy x Family CODE:White

A second season and movie has already been confirmed for the highly popular Spy x Family franchise, which follows the hijinks of secret agent Twilight or “Loid Forger” who is forced to get married, have a child, and play family; all for the sake of his mission. However, Loid is not the only one with a hidden nature. His pretend wife, Yor Brair, moonlights as the lethal assassin “Thorn Princess.” Meanwhile, his adopted daughter Anya Forger is an esper, the product of secret experiments that allow her to read minds, who is thrilled that her new parents are cool secret agents!


In the Phantom Live movement, rappers wear accessories made of Phantom Metal and create illusions linked to their emotions through chemical reactions with their own DNA, driving young people insane with spectacular stage shows. The anime follows a new event that will propel Phantom Live to new heights. Who will be the next iconic artist?

Undead Unluck

For the past 10 years, Fuuko has been afflicted by a condition that brings extreme misfortune to anyone who touches her. This has had a drastic effect on her surroundings, even resulting in the deaths of those around her — including her parents. As she is ready to end her life, she inadvertently meets an immortal named Andy who wishes for death. Initially dismissive, Fuuko decides to team up with Andy to give him the best death possible; but a mysterious organization lurks in the shadows, hoping to take advantage of the duo’s bizarre abilities.

Kanojo mo Kanojo Season 2 (Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2)

Naoya Mukai is having the time of his life after his childhood friend Saki Saki finally accepts one of his countless confessions. However, one afternoon, another girl named Nagisa Minase suddenly confesses to Naoya following months of preparation. Wanting to fulfill both Saki and Nagisa’s desires, Naoya ends up proposing a crazy idea—to date the two of them simultaneously, with both girls fully aware.


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special

The world is on the brink of destruction after a devastating ten-year war in the “shadow labyrinth.” Desir Herrman is one of the last skilled magicians left standing, but even he is no match for the formidable foe threatening humanity’s very existence. Just when he’s certain the end has come, he is sent back in time to his early days of studying magic at the prestigious Hebrion Academy!

Hametsu no Oukoku (The Kingdoms of Ruin)

For ages, humanity flourished through the power of magic, a gift from witches to aid mankind. But times have changed. The scientific Gear Expansion has made both magic and witches obsolete. In order to liberate humanity from the blight of magic, the mighty Redia Empire began a ruthless hunt to exterminate all witches. Adonis was only a boy when the hunt began, apprentice to a witch he dearly loved. When she perishes at the hands of the empire, Adonis vows revenge. By this furious wizard’s power, blood will flow!

Gamera -Rebirth-

The series will focus on Gamera facing off against five different Kaiju.

Megumi no Daigo: Kyuukoku no Orange (Firefighter Daigo: Rescuer in Orange)

These three firefighters aspired to join the Special Rescue Team (a.k.a. “Orange”), as the story of a “national crisis” in Japan begins to unfold!


Kono Sekai wa Fukanzen Sugiru (Quality Assurance in Another World)

Nikola is just a village girl working at the inn…until the day dragons invade, and she meets Haga, a scholar of everything around him. He’s a part of an elite society called “Seeker,” created to address a series of maladies plaguing their usually peaceful world. But both Nikola and Haga have secrets they hide…ones that will change each other’s very existence…

ATRI – My Dear Moments

Ikaruga Natsuki, a boy who lost his mother and his leg in an accident some years earlier, returns disillusioned from a harsh life in the big city to find his old countryside home half-swallowed by the sea. His only hope to restore the dreams for the future that he has lost is to take up an opportunity presented to him by the suspicious debt collector Catherine. They set sail to search the sunken ruins of his grandmother’s laboratory in order to find a treasure rumor says she left there. But what they find is not riches or jewels; it is a strange girl lying asleep in a coffin at the bottom of the sea, Atri.

Kekkon Yubiwa Monogatari (Tales of Wedding Rings)

Satou has been in love with his childhood friend and neighbor, Hime, ever since she and her grandfather appeared out of nowhere 10 years ago. Now a dazzling, yet mysterious high school beauty, she makes it more and more difficult for him to confess his feelings. As the anniversary of their first meeting is nearing, will he muster up his courage to transform their friendship into something more? Or will an entirely different fate await this tightly bonded pair?

Yoru no Kurage wa Oyogenai (Jellyfish Can’t Swim in the Night)

Doga Kobo, the studio that made Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun and NEW GAME!, are producing their first original drama anime titled Yoru no Kurage wa Oyogenai (Jellyfish Can’t Swim in the Night).

Sasayaku You ni Koi wo Utau (Whisper Me a Love Song)

Yori Asanagi is a mature girl in many ways but is still pure when it comes to romance. That sentiment is proven when an underclassman, Himari Kino, suddenly confesses love to her after her band performance at the freshman opening ceremony. Yori tries to return Himari’s feelings, but in a twist of events, she realizes that what Himari loved was not her, but her music!

Mato Seihei no Slave (Chained Soldier)

When entrances to a different dimension known as the “Mato” emerge all over Japan, a new resource known as “Peaches” are discovered which give unique abilities only to women. However, dangerous monsters called “Yomotsu Shuuki” also roam throughout the Mato and have been responsible for various disasters ever since. To combat them, the government formed the Anti-demon Corps, an elite group of women who have received power from the Peaches.

Yozakura-san Chi no Daisakusen (Mission: Yozakura Family)

High school student Taiyou Asano has been socially inept ever since his family died in a car crash. The only person he can properly interact with is his childhood friend, Mutsumi Yozakura — the head of the world’s strongest family of spies. To survive, Taiyou must marry Mutsumi and become a member of the Yozakura family. Thrown headfirst into chaos, Taiyou begins his journey to become a powerful spy in order to protect his wife and uncover the dark secrets of his past and the Yozakura family.

Urusei Yatsura Season 2

When aliens known as the Oni threaten to invade the Earth, they promise to leave under one condition—a randomly-chosen human must win a one-on-one game of tag against Lum, the beautiful daughter of the Oni leader. The “lucky” person selected happens to be the lustful and unlucky high schooler Ataru Moroboshi. Given 10 days to attempt to grab Lum’s horns, Ataru realizes how impossible the challenge is as he is faced with Lum’s extraterrestrial powers.


Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 3rd Season (Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- Season 3)

The much anticipated third season for Re:ZERO is arriving soon, which will continue to follow the tale of Subaru Natsuki in this fantasy world.

Synduality: Noir

The year is 2222. It has been years since Tears of the New Moon, a mysterious rain, poured and wiped out almost the entire human race. As means for survival, the humans then build an underground haven; Amasia. In this newly built dystopian city, in a pursuit of maintaining their existence, they run into an Artificial Intelligence named Magus. Not knowing how things will work between them, the story of how Humans and AI coinciding and trying to find their truths begin.

Sailormoon Cosmos

Sailor Moon Cosmos is a direct sequel to Sailor Moon Eternal and is part of the Sailor Moon Crystal franchise acting as Crystal Season V.

Senpai wa Otokonoko (Senpai Is an Otokonoko)

Makoto Hanaoka, a womanly second-year student, easily attracts other people’s attention. First-year student Saki Aoi is no exception, and she falls in love with Makoto at first sight. Having a vibrant and vigorous personality, she does not hesitate to confess her feelings to her senior. However, Makoto differs significantly from the person Saki perceives: Makoto is not a girl, but rather a cross-dressing boy!


Rinkai! is an upcoming Japanese mixed-media project about women’s cycling based on the manga series by Kiyoshi Yamane.

Seiken Gakuin no Makentsukai (The Demon Sword Master of Excalibur Academy)

One thousand years ago, Leonis Death Magnus, undead sorcerer and the greatest of the Dark Lords, entered magical stasis during a climactic battle. When he awakens, he finds a beautiful silver-haired young woman named Riselia standing before him. More shockingly, Leonis has been transformed into a ten-year-old boy!

PHOENIX: EDEN17 (Disney+)

From time immemorial to the age of space colonization, there is one legend that has stayed unchanged in every history book — the tale of the immortal bird Phoenix. A being whose blood is said to grant eternal life or wisdom, the radiant figure ensures the continuation of sentient life in the universe as it oversees human civilizations and their development.

Goblin Slayer Season 2

The second season of Goblin Slayer, which follows a Goblin Slayer, a man who’s dedicated his life to the extermination of all goblins by any means necessary. And when rumors of his feats begin to circulate, there’s no telling who might come calling next…

Blue Lock Season 2 & Blue Lock: Episode Nagi

Blue Lock gets a confirmed second season and movie on the way, following the tale of Yoichi Isagi and his trials and tribulations as part of the Blue Lock project.

High Card Season 2

The world of High Card gets a season two, in which the world order can be controlled by a set of 52 X-Playing cards with the power to bestow different superhuman powers and abilities to the ones that possess them. With these cards, people can access the hidden power of the “buddy” that can be found within themselves.

Pluto (Netflix)

Famous for his military service in the 39th Asian War, the legendary Swiss robot Montblanc is violently murdered. Once a fellow war veteran, robotic Europol detective Gesicht is sent to investigate Montblanc’s tragic demise. In his pursuit, Gesicht uncovers evidence of a mysterious entity known only as “Pluto.” He also learns of a conspiratorial plot to dismantle the eight specialized robots from around the world who participated in the war.

Maou 2099 (Demon Lord 2099)

The cyberpunk metropolis Shinjuku—a massive city-state bedecked with neon signs, towering skyscrapers, and the latest cutting-edge technology. It is here, in year 2099 of the Fused Era, where the legendary Demon Lord Veltol has his second coming five centuries in the making. But this landscape is nothing like the one he conquered all those years ago, for the fusion of magic and engineering has elevated civilization to dazzling, unprecedented heights.


Freelance photographer Kouya Madoka is in the midst of a slump due to a certain reason. While working on a story at the Fuji International Speedway, he meets the high school F4 racer Haruka Asahina and he suddenly finds his heart racing once again. He decides to support Asahina and help him make his dream come true with the small team, Komaki Motors. With this, the lives of Madoka and Asahina, who have completely different personalities and ages, intersect with each other.

Akuyaku Reijou Level 99: Watashi wa Ura-Boss desu ga Maou dewa Arimasen (Villainess Level 99: I May Be the Hidden Boss but I’m Not the Demon Lord)

A certain otome RPG takes place in the Varschein Kingdom, where dark hair is stigmatized to an abnormal degree. Eumiella Dolkness is the daughter of a count, hated from birth due to her pitch-black locks—and she is also the hidden boss! In a twist of fate, at five years of age, Eumiella recalls memories of her past life in Japan. Uninterested in the romance aspect of the original game, she begins to dedicate herself to training her rare dark-type magic.

Special Kid Factory

The suspense sci-fi anime takes place in a future where unbeknownst to the people of Earth, there wages an interstellar war spanning the entire universe. Alien arms dealers control our world from behind the scenes, using it as a supersoldier factory where “special kids” with unique abilities are abducted to fight in wars on the other side of the universe. When one “special kid” escapes captivity and journeys back to earth, a seemingly ordinary boy discovers he is a body double for the family all while being drawn unarmed into the heart of a space war.

The plot summaries above were referenced from MyAnimeList and Wikipedia.

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