Overwatch 2’s New Support Hero: Lifeweaver Abilities, Ultimate & Release Date

Overwatch has infamously suffered a Support Hero draught for a long time, but the addition of Lifeweaver is looking to change that. Lifeweaver joins the roster in Overwatch 2 Season 4, which drops on 11th April together with a brand new game mode, B.O.B. and Weave. He also makes history as the first Thai hero, and the first openly pansexual hero in the game. Here’s a breakdown of all his abilities and ultimate ahead of the new season.

Primary Fire (RMB): Healing Blossom

Healing Blossom is Lifeweaver’s primary healing ability, which he can hold to charge and release to heal a targeted ally. The longer you charge the blossom, the more healing it provides. With his playstyle being closest to a main healer, players will likely find the most utility out of his primary fire.

Alternate Primary Fire (RMB): Thorn Volley

Like Mercy and Torbjörn, Lifeweaver has an alternate primary fire that shoots biolight thorns at enemies in a scattered pattern. This weapon seems to have relatively high damage for a Support Hero, but do take note that you cannot heal your allies while using Thorn Volley, so make sure to juggle both primary fires wisely!

Secondary Fire (LMB): Petal Platform

Petal Platform is Lifeweaver’s secondary fire ability, which throws out a pressure-sensitive flower platform that elevates whenever an ally or enemy steps on it. Anyone using the platform can launch themselves even higher by jumping right as the platform reaches maximum height, while Lifeweavers can combine the jump with a Rejuvenating Dash to cover a great distance.

This ability is going to be a great way to get away from enemies, disrupt enemy ultimates, or get the most value out of your allies’ skills and ultimates. With a decent cooldown of 12 seconds, expect to see flower platforms start popping up all over the map.

Primary Ability (L-Shift): Rejuvenating Dash

Either used as a way to cover small distances, or to avoid potential danger, Lifeweaver can use Rejuvenating Dash to lunge a small distance while lightly healing himself. Healing Blossom can also be used while performing Rejuvenating Dash without breaking the charge.

Secondary Ability (E): Life Grip

The ultimate ultimate-disruptor and enabler, Life Grip envelops an ally in an invulnerable orb and pulls them to Lifeweaver’s position. Not only does this save allies from being trapped in enemy ults, it can also reposition an ulting ally without disrupting their ability. But with a cooldown of 20 seconds, this is a skill you should use carefully and tactically.

Ultimate (Q): Tree of Life

Lifeweaver’s ultimate is Tree of Life, a giant biolight tree that provides a substantial amount of healing upon initial placement, and continues to pulse with healing energy as long as it remains active. The tree also provides cover for your team, meaning you can’t shoot, be shot, or pass through it. However, the tree does have a health bar of 1000 points (slightly below B.O.B. at 1200 points) which means it can be destroyed before time runs out.

Passive: Parting Gift

Last but not least, Lifeweaver drops a Parting Gift upon death that heals the first player that picks it up. Just make sure to reach it before your enemy does, because Parting Gift heals both allies and enemies with no discrimination.

For more information about Lifeweaver, check out Overwatch 2 on Twitter, Youtube, or their developer blog.

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