What To Expect From Higan: Eruthyll, Bilibili’s New Mobile RPG

In terms of mobile-based role-playing games, Higan: Eruthyll is the new kid on the block. This 3D real-time strategy game features a vibrant world that merges fantasy and tech, turn-based combat with a trading card system, and fully voiced and animated cutscenes. It is also the newest in-house game developed by Chinese publishing giant Bilibili.

Over 2 million users have already pre-registered ahead of its global launch this 6 April 2023. However, the game still faces undeniable competition with Honkai: Star Rail releasing later this month. We recently tried out the Higan: Eruthyll soft launch to get a better idea of what makes this game special — and here’s what we learned.

What is the story?

Your main character wakes up with no recollection of their past. You’re saved by Eupheria, Kloar, and Rooco who finds you on the side of the road, badly injured due to the disaster caused by Crystalis Conflux. You learn that you and the ladies are considered Castaways, which are a group of people who cannot resonate with the Dubriostal, an energy crystal that most regard as a God.

You are also assigned as a Director in Gopher Troupe, a secret society that saves Castaways and fights Crystalixs Conflux — and of course, you are blessed with unique abilities that will be revealed more as you journey through the story.

How does the combat work?

There are a total of six character classes in the game: Guardian (Tank), Hoplite (Melee Damage), Assassin (Damage), Ranger (Ranged Damage), Caster (Magic Damage), and Adiutrix (Healer). Additionally, each character falls within one of the five elemental classes: Pyro, Ice, Anemo, Lumino, or Umbra.

A clever combination of character and elemental classes will be essential to successful combat in Higan: Eruthyll. This will become quickly obvious at the start of each match, when you select the formation and positioning of your team while deciding which skills to employ during the upcoming fight.

Still, early planning doesn’t mean that combat is entirely passive. Due to limited energy, you will need to time your skills and ultimates strategically otherwise you will run out of energy when you most need it. This becomes easier as you enhance characters through upgrading levels, skills, awakening, raising affinity levels, and equipping the right gear.

Who are the characters?

Over twenty characters have been announced so far ranging from R rarity to SSR rarity, each with their own unique design and features. However, if you’re aiming for the best of the best, there are twelve SSR-Tier characters to try and obtain — Media (Lumino), Sirslet (Pyro), Ciamkom (Anemo), Eluya (Umbra), Gyldan (Umbra), Nuno (Anemo), Fene (Pyro), Ceaser (Lumino), Basell (Ice), Rita (Pyro), Moetesju (Anemo), and Liv (Ice).

Higan: Eruthyll features a unique summoning screen that prompts you to draw a star to reveal your summon results. Each pull contributes to a specific limited gacha box which converts to 10 character stardust. Upon gathering a total of 120 stardust, you can redeem the featured SSR immediately. You are also guaranteed an SSR character after 50 pulls, which can be carried forward and shared between both limited and standard banners.

What is the NIJISANJI collaboration?

Higan: Eruthyll collaborated with NIJISANJI EN to release an official theme song and music video named Cage of Desire, featuring Maria Marionette, Pomu Rainuff, Elira Pendora, and Enna Aloutte! The V-Tubers can also be seen wearing limited-edition troupe costumes straight from the game.

What are the device requirements?

Interested in checking out Higan: Eruthyll? The game is available for pre-download now on Android and iOS devices, although a minimum of 4GB storage and 8GB RAM is recommended. The game is also launching exclusively for NA (GMT-8) and APAC (GMT+8) timezones at the moment, although more servers may be added at a later date.

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