Who’s that Misty? – Pokémon Female Protagonists in Chronological Order

Ash has had lots of companions come and go, but none will ever be as iconic standing beside him as Misty and Brock, forming the OG Pokémon trio. No one can ever forget that tearful farewell between these three friends as they went their separate ways (like literally taking three different paths as they wave goodbye to each other). It’s been a long time since then, and if you haven’t been catching up to the Pokémon anime series, you might be wondering who that new Misty replacement is. Let’s look at all the female companions Ash has had in his Pokémon journey, starting with our original queen:


1. Misty

Series: Original

Misty made an appearance in the first episode of the series as the girl who fished Ash and Pikachu out of the river. Ash then proceeds to steal her bike. She joins him in his journey initially wanting him to replace her bike (since Ash wrecked it), but leaves the group to return to Cerulean City to lead her family’s Gym. Since then, she has made several small reappearances but her journey with Ash has officially ended.


2. May

Series: Advanced Generation

While travelling to Hoenn, Ash meets May, a Pokémon Trainer who was just starting her journey. Ash then destroys her bike too. May travels with Ash through the Advance Generation saga in Hoenn and Kanto, but eventually leaves to Johto to compete in the Contests there.




3. Dawn

Series: Diamond & Pearl

Ash meets Dawn in Sinnoh. After she saves Ash’s Pikachu and loses her bike in a similar way, she joins Ash and Brock throughout the Sinnoh region. She aspires to be a great Top Coordinator like her mother. She realizes that her Pokémon still have potential to grow with her, and leaves Ash’s group to take her Pokémon to Hoenn. She is reunited with Ash in the Best Wishes series shortly to compete in the Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup, but then leaves again to Johto to compete in the Wallace Cup.


4. Iris

Series: Best Wishes

Iris is an aspiring Dragon Master who meets Ash after he accidentally tries to catch her thinking she was a Pokémon. After Gym Leader Cilan joins Ash and comments that the three of them make a good team, Iris decides to officially join Ash’s Pokémon journey. Iris bids farewell to Ash once they arrived in Kanto. She heads to Johto to battle with Clair at the Blackthorn Gym, and eventually splits up with Cilan too.


5. Bonnie

Series: XY

Bonnie is Clemont’s younger sister who is an aspiring Pokémon Trainer. Bonnie is too young to have Pokémon of her own so she gets extremely excited when she sees one. Bonnie and her brother travel with Ash through the Kalos region. Unlike the others, Bonnie and Clemont do not go to a separate region when they split up with Ash. Ash leaves for Kanto, and Bonnie and Clemont return to Prism Tower and stay in Lumiose City.



6. Serena

Series: XY

Serena is a Pokémon Performer who joins Ash in Kalos, just like Bonnie and Clemont. Serena first met Ash when she was a young child, when she was sent to Kanto to join a Pokémon Summer Camp hosted by Professor Oak. She hurt her knee after she got lost in a forest, and Ash eventually finds her while looking for a Poliwag. He wraps his handkerchief around her wounded knee and helps her out of the forest. She returned to Kalos after that, but is reunited with Ash in Santalune City during his Gym battle with Viola. Ash doesn’t immediately remember her, but after she returns his handkerchief, he remembers their encounter and calls her the “girl with the straw hat”. Serena joins Ash’s journey throughout the Kalos region until she travels to Hoenn following Palermo’s advice.


7. Lana

Series: Sun & Moon

Lana is the first of Ash’s classmates to meet him. She accidentally fished him up while he was riding a Sharpedo, and they meet again later at the Pokémon School. She is a Pokémon Trainer from Hau’oli City of the Alola region.




8. Lillie

Series: Sun & Moon

Lillie is a student at the Pokémon School and one of Ash’s classmates. She first appeared by warning Ash from being trampled by her classmates’ Tauros. Lilie has a fear of touching Pokémon that stemmed from an encounter with an Ultra Beast, Nihilego in her childhood.




9. Mallow

Series: Sun & Moon

Mallow is also one of Ash’s classmates in the Pokémon School. She first meets Ash during a Tauros race with Lana and Sophocles, where she runs him over when he accidentally stumbles upon the track. She specializes in Grass-type Pokémon.


With the exception of the last three characters, who are Ash’s classmates in an ongoing series, the other characters have occasionally made reappearances after their departure from Ash’s team. They each have very distinct quirks and personalities that make them all lovable. Who is your favorite female companion of Ash’s and why?

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