Unsurprisingly, The Fate Series Dominates Doujin Circles Again At Comiket 94

Featured image taken from Fate/Grand Order USA

Well, we can’t say we didn’t see this coming. After kicking off Kantai Collection from the top spot at Winter Comiket 93, the Fate series maintains their rightful spot as King of Doujin for the upcoming Summer Comiket 94.

According to myrmecoleon, an informal analyst of Comiket attendance trends, approximately 40,400 circles registered for the event this year, mirroring last year’s registration. Over 2,250 of those circles are Fate-related, increasing by approximately 200 since Winter Comiket 93. This is followed by Kantai Collection and The IDOLM@STER who both experienced a drop in circles since then.

The full list of franchises and their breakdowns was posted on animenewsnetwork:

  1. Fate series: 2,256
  2. Kantai Collection: 1,731
  3. The IDOLM@STER: 1,485
  4. Touhou Project: 1,355
  5. Touken Ranbu: 1,067
  6. Love Live!: 595
  7. Azur Lane: 586
  8. Girls und Panzer: 529
  9. Yuri!!! on Ice: 505
  10. Vocaloid: 381
  11. Granblue Fantasy: 287
  12. Tiger & Bunny: 255
  13. Haikyu!!: 250
  14. Kuroko’s Basketball: 250
  15. Mr. Osomatsu: 224
  16. Detective Conan: 197
  17. Attack on Titan: 180
  18. Kemono Friends: 170
  19. Ensemble Stars!: 141
  20. Land of the Lustrous: 15

Some of the rising trends include virtual Youtubers, Boku no Hero Academia, Vocaloid, Azur Lane, and Detective Conan.

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