The Fairy Tale Never Ends With Hiro Mashima’s Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail was the anime that emphasized on the existence of our nakamas (“comrades”) and how they’ll stick by you whether in times of pain or happiness. The action-packed anime that could make you cry, laugh and cheer along with the guild members of Fairy Tail and the friends they made along the way. It has been 2 years since the last episode aired and fans are waiting anxiously for its continuation.

Well, wait no longer as Natsu and friends would be coming back with their season finale this October 2018! It will pick up where the last season left off with Natsu, Happy and Lucy heading on a journey to find their guild members back until their final battle with the Dragon King and the Black Wizard.

Another news to note is that Hiro Mashima is collaborating with Atsuo Ueda to release a canon sequel of the manga that ended July 2017. The title is ‘Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest’ where Natsu and company leave to go on a 100-year quest and a new adventure begins!

Source: Kissmanga

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Source: Weekly Shounen Magazine Official Twitter, TV Anime Fairy Tail Official Twitter

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