MyHolo TV Announces New VTuber Group, “TRIDOXA”

Malaysian VTuber agency Myholo TV recently announced the formation of a new VTuber group, TRIDOXA. The group consists of three new members, Woozie Wannai (湾内ウージ), Karrot Keromi (カロット ケロミ) and Liola Lightbringer (リオーラ).

Karrot Keromi (カロット ケロミ)

Karrot Keromi was an orphan with a unique relation with frogs. As she grew up with only frogs as companions, she began to understand and communicate with them instinctively. With this ability, she opened an Information Guild and sold information to people to make a living during chaotic times.

However, after an era of peace had been ushered into the land and with fewer people seeking out information, Karrot was forced to rethink her business’s direction. Ultimately deciding to reopen her business into a café, she lacked the manpower as her frog companions weren’t exactly the ideal staff to serve customers with. As if answering her prayers, the door of her café began to illuminate and two people whom she had never met before came in…

Birthday: 25th November
Age: 25
Height: 160cm
Languages: English, French, Thai, Japanese (learning)
Hashtags: #KarrotLive (Stream), #kARTrot (Art)
Oshi mark: 🐸🍭
Social media: Twitter | YouTube | Facebook
Debut stream: 2:00 PM CET / 9:00 PM GMT+8 (SUN – 6/11)

Liola Lightbringer (リオーラ)

Liola Lightbringer lived a life of simplicity as a member of the Church of Theia until she was scouted by Aisyalam’s Hero to join them in the conquest of the Demoness. After years and years of war, with the help of her trusty companions, Liola managed to seal off the last bits of Demoness’s soul in her, ending the war once and for all. 

Now that peace is in Aisyalam again, Liola seeks to relive her simple life once again. This was when a door that leads to the Tridoxa Cafe opened to her, showing her the new chapter of her retired life with her new besties, Karrot and Woozie.

Birthday: 7th November
Age: 2X
Height: 155cm
Languages: English, Mandarin
Hashtags: #liorive (Stream), #sketchyliola (Art)
Oshi mark: 💎💫
Social Media: Twitter | YouTube | Facebook
Debut Stream: 4:00 PM GMT+8 (SUN – 6/11)

Woozie Wannai (湾内ウージ)

Raised in an unruly neighborhood, Woozie Wannai grew to be tenacious and rebellious. While often misunderstood as a sukeban, she would often bring along her trusty bat for self-protection. A tough demeanor as well as having the strength to prove it has caused her to be feared among her peers. 

Often misunderstood, Woozie whose personality was opposite of her tough demeanor was unable to be true to herself and make any true friends. During her first school trip, she became envious of the relationships that others around her age had. As if understanding her situation, a magical door appeared before her and invited her to Tridoxa Cafe, where new people for her to meet awaits.

Birthday: 2nd December
Age: 18
Height: 162cm
Languages: English, French, Japanese (learning)
Hashtags: #WOOZIEALERT (Stream), #Woozillust  (Art)   
Oshi mark: 🧨🥊
Social Media: Twitter | YouTube | Facebook
Debut Stream: 10:00 PM EST (SAT – 5/11) / 10:00 AM GMT+8 (SUN – 6/11)

Excited to meet the members of TRIDOXA? Be sure to mark your calendars and stay tuned for their upcoming debut streams, happening this weekend!

That’s not all, as Myholo TV will also be releasing the group’s original song on November 6. You won’t want to miss this exciting song premiere!

For more information, check out MyHolo TV’s website, Facebook, or Twitter.

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