Ahoy Mateys! AniManGaki 2022 ARRRives This 27 & 28 August

Get ready to set sail for MINES International Exhibition & Convention Centre this 27th & 28th August 2022, as AniManGaki returns for their biggest event yet! AniManGaki 2022 marks the first full-scale on-ground event in the endemic phase, with a line-up filled with enough treasures to satisfy even a pirate.

Special guest appearances include MindaRyn, an trilingual (Thai, English, Japanese) Anisong singer with over 1 million subscribers on Youtube, who will be performing during the Day 1 live concert; Emirichu, an American Youtuber and storytime illustrator with over 3 million subscribers; RandoWis, a webcomic creator with over 10 years of industry experience; and Shirahama Kamome, the mangaka (manga artist) for “Witch Hat Atelier” and the cover illustrator for names such as Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and more.

For fans of Artist and Cosplay Alleys, AniManGaki breaks their own record with 250 doujin (artist) tables and 55 cosplay tables this year. Not to mention the 80 exhibitors showcasing their products and services at the event, including some familiar names like Genshin Impact, PUBG Mobile, World of Warships, Studio Yuraki, GigaBash, and many more.

And that doesn’t even scratch the surface — the event also features Carnival Games, a VTuber Showcase, Tabletop Room, Arcade Arena by Aeon Fantasy, Fighting Games by Infinite Carnage, Panels & Workshops, a Community Room, the Waku x Waku Cafe by Project: Meido, and a plethora of stage performances, cosplay and singing competitions across both days.

What AniManGaki is trying to achieve this year is not easy, but it helps that its Event Directors have over a decade of practice.

“Why do we do this every year? I wonder too… It is a lot of hard work and many sleepless nights. I suppose in essence, this is our love letter to the ACG community. Truly thankful to everyone for having our backs and coming together with us on this renewed adventure. AniManGaki will continue to exist so as long as the community needs us,” says Director Yvonne Sing.

While Co-Director Jo Lynn chimes in, “This year’s AniManGaki is extremely special. After two years of silence, we intended to comeback as strong as possible for the sake of our ACG community. My only wish is that our hardwork shines through and that you see we try our best in the many changes we made. We like to think that this is our way of embodiying the hard-to-die spirit that lives in many otaku.”

Two-day tickets are now available for purchase online on AniManGaki’s website, with physical pick-up at Cardinals Hobby Store @ USJ, their final roadshow at The Mines Shopping Mall on 24th to 26th August, or on the event day itself. Only single-day tickets will be available for purchase during the roadshow and during the event, so buy them early online before they’re gone!

For more updates about AniManGaki 2022, follow them on Facebook and Instagram for news leading up to the event day. Until then, THE MAGIC RAIN team will see you at the MINES!

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