Top 8 Aesthetically Pleasing Anime To Watch Now

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Aesthetics is a relative term, as we all comprehend things differently and we judge individually to what pleases us. When we talk about anime, however, there are more aspects of it that will determine whether we’ll receive it as aesthetically pleasing.

Animation and art style, of course, play probably the most important part, for it needs to stand out in the sea of animations that all look the same. Our senses must be awakened by the delightful background music, the entertaining storyline, and charming characters. 

Be that as it may, don’t judge the book by its cover! Anime are prone to improve in time, such is the case of Detective Conan, the anime that started in the 90’s, when anime was based solely on hand drawing but has improved since. Hence, here is a list of anime we find aesthetically pleasing!

Garden of Words (2013)

Genre: Drama, Romance

Studio: CoMix Wave Films

Makoto Shinkai is one of the best anime directors of all times. This anime is consistent with his works – with dazzling graphics, a reflection provoking cliffhanger. 

The plot tells the relationship between two strangers, one of whom is still almost a child, and an adult looking for her way in life. Can the love they have for each be real and will it stand the test of time? Should one listen to their heart or do what the world expects them to do? Both of them are addicts to the same things — they both share a love of Japanese gardens, and they both seek refuge from reality at the same pavilion to enjoy summer rains. 

Violet Evergarden (2018)

Genre: Drama, Coming-of-age, Fantasy

Studio: Kyoto Animation

Instead of an action anime, we get to witness a slice of life from a fantasy perspective. The anime slightly differs from the original story, but it basically presents Violet’s journey of becoming a gentler version of herself where she learns to love.

This masterpiece of an anime is the work of Taichi Ishidate. However, what sets this anime apart from the rest is the music and the animation. The piano music has a soothing melody that pops up in almost every segment of the anime, while the violin fills in the rest of the silent moments. Even though the anime revolves around the aftertaste of war, the musical atmosphere evokes melodies of happy, peaceful times. The amazing animation was achieved despite half of the staff being rather new in the field. 

Hyouka (2012)

Genre: Mystery

Studio: Kyoto Animation

Another amazing achievement from Kyoto Animation, with the lead director being Yasuhiro Takemoto. The anime has a 4K quality with earthly colours and has some of the best top quality detailing with background objects and character movements. The music only enhances the experience for it uses classical pieces for the most part. 

The plot revolves around four high school characters whose lives are interlinked by their love of solving mysteries, one in particular, from 45 years ago. By investigating the case, they realize that some hints are hidden in an old collection of works from former members of the same club they are part of.

Serial Experiments Lain (1998)

Genre: Cyberpunk, Mystery, Sci-fi

Studio: Triangle Staff

Don’t let the year of the anime fool you! The 90’s might have had some basic anime, but this is no ordinary case. Directed by Ryūtarō Nakamura, the anime will leave you speechless. The sounds and music will send shivers down your spine, and the visual essay that defines the anime is known for close shot animations with spectacular significance in details. 

While it might seem difficult to pinpoint the exact plot of the anime, plenty of science fiction films have been built over the past decades over stories like this. As the plot develops, viewers realize something is wrong with the images and information. Even narration falls apart, and dialogues or situations take on a different meaning. It’s a dive into our psyche, the deepest part of our brains, for the anime extends into not only philosophical but existential issues as well.

Death Note (2006)

Genre: Mystery, Psychological Thriller, Supernatural Thriller

Studio: Madhouse

This anime is directed by Tetsurō Araki, and while the animation alone lacks the ability to draw the viewer in, the plot and music make up for the shortcomings in that area. The plot and characters definitely set it apart from other anime, as the plot seems simple enough without any plot holes. 

How else would an anime draw in and tie down the audience, with a sort of villain protagonist, if it wasn’t a brilliantly composed anime? The plot’s simplicity is easy to follow. The protagonist wants the world to change for the better by writing down people’s names in a notebook, consequently killing them in the process. 

Hibike Euphonium (2015)

Genre: Drama, Slice of life

Studio: Kyoto Animation

Kyoto Animation is known for the exceptional work they do. The anime was directed by Naoko Yamada. The wide range of characters, the detailed and high quality animation, the easy melodies of the soundtrack make this anime amazing. During the making of it, everyone at the studio was involved, so it’s no wonder they made a treasure. 

The anime shows a band not in tune with each other, and they are unable to to play in sync with each other. The group gets unmotivated by their failure to play in tune but the bar is set for them when a new director changes their chances.

Paranoia Agent (2004)

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Studio: Madhouse

Created and directed by the artist Satoshi Kon. A well thought out anime that makes the viewer actively seek out the meaning behind it while experiencing the disorientation that comes with paranoia. A deliberately confusing, atmospheric anime that is visually amazing and many don’t realize it because they don’t take the time to understand things that are under the superficial things that the creators show the audience. 

Monogatari (2009)

Genre: Mystery, Psychological, Paranormal, Fantasy

Studio: Shaft

Directed by several artists, this anime is widely popular for its visual effects, and generally hated for its confusing plot. Shaft Studios did an amazing job with the crisp animations and the fitting music. The art style is somewhat unusual, but eventually grows on everyone.

The flow of character development is fascinating in every episode with every one of them having their individual philosophy about life. The story is told in a counter way we are used to, animation styles shift intermittently, texts show up from the light novels that are crucial to the viewers emotions. Every bit of the anime gives it a round aesthetic feel. 

There you have it, some of the best anime that hit just the right way! When it comes down to it, don’t judge the book by its cover!

This article was contributed by Rachel from No Filler Anime:

I may not always watch the most popular anime on the shelf, but I’m watching what intrigues me and I think that’s the beauty of anime – there’s something for everyone. I came to anime and manga late in the game. While I had occasionally dabbled here and there, I really didn’t start watching with any conviction until I was older. Suddenly, I had the desire to begin consuming more anime. The good ones and the bad ones. New series and classic series. It didn’t matter what it was or it’s notoriety, if the synopsis seemed interesting, I was bound to watch. Please check out my blog:-

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